Friday, 20 September 2013

Hobby Update: Great Swords and High Elf rank filler

1am on a Friday night update whilst finishing off Hawaii 5.0 I not the coolest guy E.V.A?

The last week has been busy NOT doing hobby stuff (thank you DIY binge), however I got a spare couple of hours tonight to get my fix!

As part of my "get the Great Swords up to strength" project I have FINALLY got the other 9 plastic Goldswords painted up (the 10th being my BSB). Panzershrek showed how cool they are in heavier comped environments...but the 28 I currently have just isn't quite enough for them to do what they do best - win the war of attrition.

SO here's my unit of 37 so far:
...and yes I will re-paint that banner with something cool!

I still have 1 more dude to do = I'm going to get the plastic Empire Captain to be the unit champ
And then I'll have a pretty cool, manly unit!


It's been a bit quiet on the High Elven front, however I have finished a sweet cavalry rank filler:

Very much inspired by that fantastic Legolas scene in the Two Towers...

...this guy is intended to sit within a Silverhelm or Dragon Prince unit...because I'm too much of a power gamer to jeopardise reform options with a unit of reavors!

Anywho that's me for the meantime...back to Hawaii 5.0.

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