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Stone Falls: The mighty Empire

Hi All,

For all you keen readers of http://wrythsprimarchs.blogspot.co.nz/ you will know about a 5000pt fantasy
"forging a narrative" game that is to take place around the village of Stone Falls on the edge of the Reikwald Forest.

As part of this I will be documenting the lists and the battle report while Wrythhold will deal with the fluff stuff.

Army comp:

  • 2500pts each.
  • Each army has its own BSB and General 
  • usual Pete-lite for max unit size/flyer/ethereal caps etc
  • Closed lists - but must have a copy of the list on you. 
Magic phase:
  • The winds of magic generates 4d6 powerdice of which the 2 highest rolls become the dispel dice. 
  • other than via boundspell, loremaster, or signature spells there can be no duplication of spells across each force (which consists of 2 armies). 
  • Any dice generated can only be used by the army that generates it. 
With that in mind here's my army list (minus magic items)

The Reikwald Inquisition

Archlector "Theoganist Otto Mannfried": Heavy Armour, Great Weapon
Wizardlord "Gunther Schwarzenhertz": lvl4 - lore of light

BSB: Fullplate armour, shield
Warrior Priest: Heavy Armour, two hand weapons
Warrior Priest: Heavy Armour, shield
Battlewizard: lvl1 - lore of fire
Captain of the Empire: Pegasus, Fullplate Armour, shield, lance

40 Halberdiers: Full Command
5 Archer Detachment
10 Archers
37 Swordsmen: Full Command

28 Great Swords: Full Command
2 cannons

2 Helblaster Volley Guns

So something completely different. Pretty much maxing out my Hero slot with 7 choices! No knights because I'm relying on the Brettonian allies to provide those.

Unit Champs:
Also we have added some additional fluffy rules. Every unit champ from infantry or Calv units gets to roll a d6 on a table at the start of the game. This table gives the unit champ or his unit additional benefits.

“Good Guys”
1.       Grim resolve
Unit gains immunity to fear, terror, panic
2.       Righteous Fury
All enemy models in B2B with champ take s4 flaming wound at the beginning of every round of combat.
3.       Lost loved ones
Unit gets hatred (undead)
4.       Ancient family feud
One use only. If champ still alive the unit can take a leadership test on 1d6
5.       For Glory!
Unit champ gains +3 attacks and frenzy-tests at -2 (incl off Inspiring Presence).
6.       Destiny awaits
Chose 1 model in opposing army. Vs this model the unit champ has 1 attack with the Heroic Killing blow rule. All other attacks the unit champ and mount have are lost when attacking this model.

“Bad Guys”
1.       More alive than dead
Unit gains + 2i. Zombies instead get ASF
2.       Death stare
Enemy models in B2B of the unit champ take s4ap wound
3.       Night of the living dead
Unit Champ causes terror. Units affected must test on their base ldship.
4.       March of the dead
Unit can march outside of general’s bubble
5.       Unstoppable horror
Unit champ gains 4+ regen, +2 attacks, must issue challenge if possible-this cannot be declined.
6.       Back for vengeance
Unit champ picks 1 enemy character. If in the same combat they swap WS, I, and A. The unit champ also gets hatred whilst in that combat.

Zombie Champ: 10pts: gets D6 attacks and i3

“Direwolf Champ”
1.       Ummm….
Nothing happens
2.       Call of the Wild
The unit gains the fast calv rule
3.       Straight for the throat
The unit champ has +1 to wound.

SO with that in mind I'm now off to frantically assemble a few extra Swordsmen and write up my army fluff!

The game is this Saturday...can't wait!

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