Friday, 28 June 2013

High Elf Hobby Update - RBTs and Phoenix Guard

Hi all,

Lately my Hobby time has been spent (slowly) getting  my High Elves up to a standard where a) I'm happy with the list, and b) I'm happy with the look of the army - especially since they have always been a hobby project first, tournament hardened army second.

To that end here are my latest creations:

Repeater Bolt Thrower 1:

Repeater Bolt Thrower 2:

Now I already have 2 of the "Standard" RBTs, but on a base they look so....lifeless. If you add the crew = more models to truck around, and trying to fit them on the base = cluttered model = not cool. By using the bolt thrower from the Sky Cutter allowed me to be a little bit more scenic with the base, and create an image of guys setting up in strategic locations: on some ruins, and on a rocky outcrop.

Phoenix Guard Rank Filler:

This was the product of laziness, and wanting to use bitz. My original idea for the RBTs was to use the new  base ruins from the Phoenix and the Skycutter as the base on which the bolt thrower was located....turned out the Phoenix ruins were not tall enough in the right places - hence rocky outcrop RBT. At the same time I needed to paint up 4 more Phoenix Guard to get Call to Arms sized unit ready. Result  = rank filler. and 9 spare Phoenix Guard to paint up on a rainy day.

Thanks to Slave to Painting's promotion my Phoenix is in the post and I'll be looking to (hopefully) do something cool with it (ba dum pshhhh). In the meantime 4 more Reavors to paint zzzzzzz


  1. Those bolties look primo mate. Are you going to use the skycutter chariots in game?

    1. ...If I owned any. I only bought the bolt thrower bitz off the internetz.

      I personally dont see what the skycutters offer unless you max out on flying units and monsters and shooting. I aint got the finances to do that (as much as I would love to) + I would not be a very compliant list at all!

  2. The RBTs look really, really nice. They are low key, but would still stand out on the battlefield, which is really tough to pull off!

    Good job!

  3. Quick question are those 60mm round bases or 40s?

    1. Hey,

      They are on 40k dreadnaught I think that is 60mm bases