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First Swedish comp game: the Mighty EMPIRE vs the lowly undead vampires

Hi all,

Very exciting battle report today. Well, actually an annoying one. I was sooo excited about my using my new  Witch excited that I forgot to pack him and left him on my painting table garr!!!!

Anywho the lists:

lvl4: metal, scroll 225
Alector: GW, HA, rathelm, 4++ 169

Engineer 65
WarriorPriest: HA, Fencers blades102
Witchhunter: BOP 55
Witchhunter: BOP 55
BSB: FPA, ench sh, warriorbane 101
Captasus: FPA, sh, lance, dhelm, dawnstone, Pofool160

40 Halberds: FC 270
10 Archers 70
5 Archers detach 35
10 ICKS: M, SB 270

28 GreatSwords: FC 338
4 Demigryphs: M 242
cannon 120

Hellblaster 120
Swedish Comp score of 13

Count Mannfred Von Carstein - 530pt 

Vampire, Hellsteed, HA, Shield, Lance, QB, Scroll, Dragonhelm - 214pt  
Vampire, BSB, Barded Nightmare, HA, Enchanted Shield, Lance, MR2 - 188pt  

41 Ghouls, Ghast - 420pt. 
10 Dire Wolves, Doom Wolf - 90pt  
10 Dire Wolves, Doom Wolf - 90pt  

5 Vargheists - 230pt. 
Spirit Host - 45pt
Spirit Host - 45pt 

9 Blood Knights, Standard Bearer, Musician, Flag of Blood Keep - 545pt 
Swedish Comp score of 12

We rolled up Dawn attack-Ryan with the vamps deployed first. I rolled Searing doom, Enchanted blades, glittering scales, and final transmutation. Ryan had loremaster vamps and death + the vamp signaturex2.


Vamps got a sweet centralised deployment. I had the fun of artillery on the right, Greatswords + BSB+general+1 witchhunter+lvl4 on the left, and everything else in the middle. sigh. Given the disorderly deployment it was of no surprise that I did not seize the moment and get to go first :(


Not much happened really. Ryan was obsessed with my artillery. All his chaff ran at it. 
His magic phase consisted of magic missiling the archer detachment and death sniping the hellblaster down to 1 wound. 

My turn was a lot more exciting. Captasus charged the closest doggies in the flank, my witchhunters popped into the bigger units and I shuffled my line up. My magic phase drew out the scroll with a final transmute attempt. The cannon killed a single varghiest and the Hellblaster became the official fail whale.
misfire, misfire, 10. Engineer re-rolls a misfire...rolls another misfire sigh, Roll on misfire table = blows up. WHEN I COULD HAVE EXPLODED AND NUKED THE DOGGIES...oh well and to top it off the engineer panicked.... This game was not to be a shooting one. Captasus did a number on the doggies crumbling the down to 4. 


The game gets interesting fast. 5 varghiests fly into the greatswords to get their character assassination on. 
The rest of his army did stuff...positioning stuff mainly. Of note, a spirit host moved to block my demigryphs and my captasus finished off the doggies. 
Anywho the combat was awesome. BSB faiils to wound...the varghiests then super fluff. all their attacks and stomps = 1 wound on lvl4, 1 wound on witchhunter and 1 dead greatsword. In return I cut them down and they crumbled.

SO I then get a chance to do stuff. Captasus charges into the flank of the other doggies. My ICKS spotted a gap and charged Mannfred. Final transmute is dispelled and the cannonball is bounced by the 4+ ward banner. Combat was good on both accounts. ICKS win by 3 (with wounds on Mannfred) and the doggies feel the wrath of the captasus. 


It was now the Bloodknight and vampsherox2's chance to show why they are soo expensive-into the flank they charge. The spirithost also decides to say hi to the demis, while the other one makes moves on the cannon. 

The magic phase consisted of a very nervous curse of years on the halberds...only 4 died (thankyou MR(2) from witchhunter!). The combat phase was a brutal "now you see you dont" as the ICKS were cut down.

...ouch. What to do in return? Well I knew my best chance of victory lay in getting the Bloodknights and their vampire hanger-ons. So to do so my halberds flank charged them. 
It was a noble battle. Valten the unit champ died valiantly, yet the halberds held on.


A wee bit self explanatory here. Mannfred and the ghouls charge in to win the combat. 

...and win it they do with a massive magic phase and lots of killing and stuff.  The Bloodknights initiate the run down, catch the remaining halberds, but get stuck on the spirit host and expose their flank to the GreatSwords...

Who charge in to do some damage!

buffed with glittering robe and re-roll to wound! It was a fluff fest of a combat though,...yet somehow I still won by 3 sending 3 bloodknights to their (back to?) graves. The Bloodknights then reformed to face to get their (no linger frenzied) chop on.


...yup lots of chop + an amazing magic phase. re-roll to hit, wound, soulblight AND doom and darkness ALL ON THE SAME COMBAT...yeah I didnt do too well that round, but my grim resolve '(and 2+ armour) meant I held my ground.

SO in flies the captasus to save the day by challenging out the ASF vampire.

Lots of choppy chop and the blood knights are pulled from their horses and greatsworded TO THE FACE.
(note the spirit host is down to 1 wound...)


Mannfred is sick of sitting around looking like a woosy! in he charges for a very awkward clip on the demigryphs.
It was a close contest. but not enough to break the demigyphs. The lone vamps lose the combat and the one not in the challenge is crumbled thanks to a musician!

SO for the final turn of the game...the vamp fails to wound = auto crumble thanks to combat res and the game looks like this:
with Mannfred very much alive (thanks fluffing demigryphs!)

We tally points and I am ahead by about 200pts with an extra 100 for the comp difference. 


Thoughts on list:
I like it. I think the witchhunters are a wee bit of a waste of points...they didnt get any changes to super snipe Mannfred..but their inclusion did influence movement early on. It was really great to see the captasus do something awesome for a change, though I need to change the potion of foolishness to something else-I always forget to use it!

For a Comp 13 list I think it is rather solid. Only 1 cannon is the big downside, but I'm sure I wont be needing a 2nd given (I'm guessing) everyone else will be aiming for similarly "fluffy" lists.  

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