Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hobby Update: Ellyrian Reavers

Hi All,

So very exciting: I've decided to post pics of my Ellyrian Reavers. Now when I first started my High Elf army I was looking to try out my colour scheme/army theme but I was model poor. Enter the Ellyrian Reavers-the "joke" unit of the old armybook-in the wrong part of the book, for the wrong price. My 5 Reavers became the first models I painted (other than a freecompany guy I experimented wash colour combos on) and conveniently I loved the scheme and stuck with it.

Fast forward to the present and I now have 20 of them at my disposal (thanks Ebay) and 11 painted. I am so happy that they are now "cool" and "good" in the new book. The Elf scouting party in the Hobbit were very cool, so I'm glad that the WHFB equivalent kinda live up to the image.

Here is one of my units:

 As much as I love the models, having 2 identikit units is an odd thing in this day and age of customisable models etc. This in mind I took it upon myself to browse the internetz for conversion ideas/inspiration. I the end I decided to settle on easy hand swap. I present you, the "leader" of the 2nd unit:

Looking very dynamic with his spear in a "pre strike" position. Even better, he ranks up nicely too!

Anywho that's where I'm at. I'm currently trying to think up a way of doing silverhelms in a way which doesnt use the current models. I'm already using the riders for my Lion calv (need to build a 2nd unit) the cheap guy inside of me is thinking the Dragon Prince models could suffice...but I'm not convinced.


  1. As I'm going with the whole Caledorian theme, my Silver Helms are gonna use Dragon Prince horses with Silver Helm riders. The horses are only thing truly offensive about those old models imo, so I think it'll be fine.

    1. Yeah totally that's the kicker...the horses. I was thinking of using the horses from the chariot kit...but they are now next to impossible to find-especially with the new crack down on bitz sellers.

      In the end I might just end up using Dragon Princes cos I'm lazy and have 10 ready to use haha