Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Prep for Panzerschrek...the fine art of balancing Swedish comp

Hi All,

I thought I would take a quick break from painting Reavers and work on a super soft Empire list for the Swedish Comp event in July.

Now I've posted about Swedish Comp before where I applied it to the lists I was running at the time. This time around I have to write a list for the comp which is "score between 7 and 13" + I want to try something completely different with my Empire.

20 minutes of jumping back and forward through the comp, my armybook, and my vague idea of what I want the list to do I have ALMOST come to a list.

My proposed list:

lvl4: Death, scroll 225 -7-18-10-8
Alector: GW, HA, Dhelm, 4++ 164 -10

Engineer: pigeon bombs 85 1WM-2
Engineer: Pigeon bombs 85 1WM-5
Engineer: Pigeon bombs 85 1WM-10
WarriorPriest: HA, 2HW 69 -5
Witchhunter: Brace of Pistols 55 -2
Witchhunter: Brace of Pistols 55 -2
BSB: FPA, ench sh 96 -3-10

40 Halberds: FC 270 -12
2x5 Archers detach 70 -2-1-1
10 Archers 70 -2
5 Knights: M 120 -5
5 Knights: M 120 -5

28 GreatSwords: FC 338 -13
4 Demigryphs: M 242 -25

Stank 250 4WM
2399                                                 total 7 WM = -7

Swedish score = 13.5

So list of lolz. Pigeon bombs ftw + stank + infantry + demis + character sniping and NO ARTILLERY.

Will it work? possibly. Will it fail? depends on how the Swedish comp affects everyone else's list design....HOWEVER THIS LIST IS NOT COMPLIANT because I have made it "too soft" gaaaarrrrrrr! More tinkering to come as I try to find another -5 to bring it into line...


  1. Love it! Just add some more Demigryphs. Thats the Empire way to filth, isnt it?

  2. remember you over 13 just = 13. I asked at Runefang because i was having your problem.


  3. I found the same too. It can be difficult to get it down to 13. I had to take the Green Knight in my draft Bret list otherwise I ended up with 16 or 17. But apparently that is OK now, just the victory point calculations are capped at 13. (Jeff verbal to Peter)

  4. Neil and Pete are correct, you can take a softer list, but you're capped at 6. I feel anything else risks taking a very soft army and playing very negatively, which is not something I think we want to see.

    1. and by 6 I mean how many bonus points you'd get against a 7 army.