Monday, 20 May 2013

Hobby update: Chrace Loremaster

Hi all,

So it's been an exciting time since the last post. My days have been filled with near constant High Elf crunching that it's amazing I've gotten anything done!

I had a game vs Mike King's NICON lizardmen thoughts. My post Runefang Empire proved themselves worthy of the upgrade...well except the ICKS who managed to kill 1/2 their number from difficult terrain tests on the way (eventually) into combat! Such is life. It was also great to see my list perform when there were no real cannon targets. I'm sticking with the Stank even though it managed to roll triple 1's to fail a 7 inch "charge"...but it did redeem itself next turn with a 13 inch uber game winning flank charge. Dice...gotta love them!

On Saturday the Hub part 2 played out...I'm sure that Glen at Wrythhold will be posting a run down of the fun and fluffy narrative driven 40k. In short- lots of fun and the Orks will rise again!

Anywho. I've been trying to keep my High Elves "fluffy". Heck, I even looked at the map in the armybook before deciding how to cheese up my list (still yet to read the fluff).

My Chrace Loremaster:
and here he is hanging with this chosen Jarls

So a kitbash between the lionchariot kit, noble kit, Phoenix guard sword arm, and Spearelf shield. He is WYSIWYG Book of Lol Catz, Axe of Might, shield of 4+ parry, and 80's powermetal head band of 2+ ignore first wound.If Loremasters could have lioncloaks he would have one too.  I honestly cant think of a more effective build for Loremasters-especially if not spending (wasting?) points on a lvl4.

This dude is my new General in my Chrace/Ellyrian mountain pass patrol force.

Loremaster: Book of lol catz, axe of might, 4+ parry shield, 2+ ignore first wound
BSB: Barded Steed, HA, Ench shield, lance, 4+ ward
Noble: Barded Steed, HA, sh, Starlance, Dragonhelm, halberd
4x5 Ellyrian Reavers: Spears and Bows
2x10 Archers: M
27 Whitelions: FC-banner of the purring Kitty
5 Lion Princes: M (dragon princes)
8 Ellyrian Knights: M, C (dragon princes)
2 RBTs

and the for next wee while there will also be 2x1 Tiranoc Chariots. I'm not convinced 2 chariots is the best spend of the points...3rd RBT is almost a given, however the final 70pts is more problematic. 5 shadow warriors = influence deployment but not much else, 5 sisters of averlorn = magic missile bait (but helps vs Regen)...4th RBT = overkill???? single chariot = possible? Basically I'm trying not to spend money and it might turn out that 2 chariots is made of win!

With this list I'm putting my hat very much in the "speed and movement wins games" boat. Loremaster with book of lol catz in whitelions = I can 6 dice spells all game with little consequence. No scroll = big boys warhammer, but the book should help a lot there.


  1. Nice fast work on the Loremaster Joel considering he was a collection of blutacked parts on Saturday. He fits in with the White Lions nicely. I will do a hub update asap.

    1. Well when you're spending all Sunday recovering from a Double Downer...even Levin KFC goodness couldn't overcome that!

      I'll email you the pics I took on my Ipad.

      Joel v

  2. Think youre putting too much stuff on the Loremaster. By himself, Id just run him with Book. With only 3A I dont think hes good enough to justify combat unless its chaff. Given hes also gonna be in the Lions alot of the time no need to kit him with defensive gear imo... 2+ward ftw!

    Also I've been running him with a level 4 and its amazing. Not sure High magic is the best, but having the big spells means You always have at least 2 spells they need to dispel what ever the situation or you can just pile out a butt load of small spells.

    1. Kitting him up as I have means the Whitelions wont get stuck on ethereals, and if I come up vs non-magical attacks he can still survive. 4+ as, 4+ ward is not great, but it is better than 5+ as.

      I too dont see the point of High Magic. Once you hit combat there is only 1 spell that is useful...and even then miasma is better. I do see the point of spell saturation...but I'm not a fan of spending too many points on a phase that may or may not be good for me.

      Joel v

    2. You'll res out ethereals pretty damn fast with the 2+ ward meaning they do no damage, but thats why I like my small unit of sisters. keeps them well under control!

      I doubt youll have too much issue with non magical attacks in a unit of 27 lions... :-) but hey, each to their own. Im gonna be keeping mine out of combat as much as possible cause Magic missile spam. Pew Pew!

  3. Loremaster looks good, slightly better than he did when I inadvertently disassembled him over the weekend. Well done on getting him ready for battle.

    4 RBT should be good, anything 2 can do 4 can do better right? Means a bigger chunk of static points to protect though.

  4. Looks good Joel and interesting list