Thursday, 20 June 2013

Horned Gobbo list: perfect lore for the weather

Hi all,

Sorry about the weather in Wellington; my celestial wizard lord is getting in some last minute practice.

Here's my list for Horned Gobbo this weekend:

Arch lector: heavy armour, great weapon, dragon helm, 4+ ward
Lvl4 heavens wizard lord: scroll
Bsb: full plate, enchanted shield
38 halberds: full command
5 archers detachment
10 archers
10 inner circle knights: musician, standard
5 knights: musician
4 demigryphs: musician
4 demigryphs: musician
Steam tank
Hell blaster

Basically my Runefang list but with the tweaks needed to solve the issues I had. Namely: needed 3rd combat punch unit (hello inner circle knights), and needed to give away fewer easy points (goodbye hurricanum and 2nd vanilla knight unit). My net loss was 1 drop, 1 free magic dice, and magical close combat attacks. Given there is only 1 vampire army, and every high elf player and his dog has the banner of the world dragon = not necessarily a bad thing...though fear causing halberds was fun...also losing the +1 to hit I think makes my list better because I'm not worrying about keeping units and combats in the buff bubble = can play more aggressively.

First up I have an ogre list with a unit of lead belchers, and a bus of 30 gnoblars. I'm very keen to see how the army plays...static combat res and stand offish shooting is not something I associate with ogres. 6 levels of gut magic also means having to deal with regen and extra toughness. Looking forward to it!

Any who I'll take pics and do my usual reports. Hopefully I can do better than 10th, and hopefully the weather clears so the  out of towners can get into Welly...


  1. Replies
    1. You serious with that list?...and I thought I had lots of artillery...sigh.Submarines away!

  2. Nice list Joel, but I am pretty sure you are playing Jeff's gobbos first round?

    Damn you ninja gobbo!!!!

  3. I must have read it wrong-only had a quick glance when it first came out. Ah right-I read it wrong. I saw a 12 next to my name in the right column and then looked across to the left for the number 12...

    Back to the drawing board. OnG cant be that bad can it???? Better check what's in your list :P