Sunday, 13 October 2013

Alarielle the Radiant

Yo yo yo

Just a quick painting update.
Sorry for the not-the-best ipad cant seem to handle all the white!

Anywho adding my first official (painted) special character to my High Elves. I bought this on release day and it has been floating around my painting table ever since.

I had splashed some base colours down...painted the skin etc etc but something didnt feel "right" until earlier this week when it clicked that I had her colours around the wrong is my High Elf main stay colour with red as the highlight. A quick colour switch-a-roo on her dress and everything made sense again.

In terms of tabletop use...I'll have try out the "Everqueen-star" list at least once! I do think it is a little too convenient that her points + Alith Anar (another Special Character I want to get) = exactly 600pts...Heck I dont think I can have a fluffy game vs Dark Elves without him!

In other news, my second "Lionhelm" unit should be finished this week, so look forward to that and I hope to squeeze in a game vs Will's Ogres next weekend = battle report!

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  1. Nice work mate she's looking really good. The main green with red parts has worked well. The blond hair came out nice too, I won't ask if the curtains match the drapes...