Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lol cats with pesky elves on top

Hey all,

So the "old skool" readers of my blog/tormented opponents of mine circa Vermintide 2010ish might remember this unit:
Yup that's my old "Lion Princes" unit from back when I thought it would be easier to paint up conversions than tackle the official GW models (ALMOST finished my unit of 10 four years later...).

High Elf playaz have few things in common - some like Swordmasters (odd people - not you Glen), some are dragon nutz (looking at you James Milner), some seem obsessed with the "single viable combat unit tactic" (internet lists)...but what we can all agree on is that Lion Chariots are a massive disappointment...and the old metal Silverhelms are some of the classic GW minis (well, that last part is IMHO).

I was content with having only 1 unit for many years - I never really used Dragon Princes and when I did I had finally finished enough of the official models - but then the new High Elf book dropped and Silverhelms all of a sudden became cool - pity about the models.

Now, refusing to have mis-matched horses in my army, conveniently I managed to acquire 3 more lions and had a Legolas inspired conversion moment resulting in...
BOOM! Meet lion unit #2.

And with the quick re-label, meet my "Lionhelms"
Ready to be my awesome 2+as, s5 charge "chaff".


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