Saturday, 29 March 2014

Class of Phil Wu 2014 battle reports

Day of Gaming with Ryan getting in some Swedish practice for him in the run up to Runefang. Sadly I wont be attending, so it was an exercise in writing Swedish lists in record time. 

Game 1: Empire Swedish Comp Score 12.something

My list: 
Grand Master (general): Runefang, Charmed Shield
Arch Lector: War Alter, 4+ ward, HA, GW, shield
BSB: barded steed, , Fullplate, GW, Dhelm, Dawnstone, OTS
lvl2 Light
lvl2 Light: scroll of shielding
Witch Hunter: Brace of Pistols
5 Knights
5 Knights
8 Inner Circle Knights: FC
34 Halberds: FC
7 archers detachment
4 Demigryphs
Steam Tank

Very exciting Swedish Compy looking list I whipped up around midnight. 

Ryan's list: was pretty cool. choppy characters, block of warriors, chariots, some chaff, hellcannnon, skullcrushers, token magic etc etc. Swedish Comp really makes WoC players think outside the square...Empire players just have to rely on fewer warmachines. 

We rolled up a mission (Meeting Engagement) and I deployed first. 
I was lucky and only my engineer slept in (in pic next to helblaster)..Ryan had his BSB, and the Warriors sleep in.

I went first and did that traditional Empire thing...clogged up my own battleline and moved the combat stuff slightly backwards to see what Ryan would do. HOWEVER I did do something risky! my Witch Hunter and his posse marched up...
Went to Pwn the Chaos Lord on a Disk (played in the film by a Daemon Prince) with some sweet Killing blow goodness. Shots were fired...I rolled to wound...
...Almost! Oh well, that would have been a very nervous ward save to start the game. In other news my Stank rolled a 1 to wound a Skull Crusher, and s5 banishment on the Chaos Lord rolled 12 hits and did a single wound (I THINK that is about right vs t5, 1+ as, 3+ ward...)...either way a nice middle finger salute to the Chaos Lord of Darkness pretending to be a Daemon Prince. 

So in return my Archers tools some doggies to the flank so Mr. Witch Hunter got his combat on, lost on SCres and reformed to face. In other news some Hellstriders failed an easy charge on some knights...and so did a chariot SKILLZ. Mr "Lost a wound already" Chaos Lord landed right in front of my Demis as the bait while the rest of his army rolled up to rush my flank without the Helblaster and Stank. 

So of course I charged Mr Chaos Lord and threw up a couple of buffs.
and promptly put him on 1 wound. In the fluff-fest in the middle of the table...
yeah - super annoying as the daemonic mount lvl2 and 2nd unit of doggies were in position to combo charge in support. 
In other news my knights didn't fail their charge on the Hellstriders (HA!)...instead I passed all my armour saves and failed all my rolls to hit to win by a charge!
They fled 12 and I chased 10, which I thought was good effort.

I really should mention it for completeness sake. My ICK bus failed a charged on a disk Exhalted (needed a 10) by 1 inch and shuffled forward a little bit AND the stank misfired and did nothing :)

Fluff-fest gets interesting with the addition of doggies and lvl2 = Witch Hunter steps up to challenge! Queue lots of missed rolls to hit and stuff (I think over the rounds of combat I got a single wound through).

However that wasn't the main attraction any more...over on my left flank I had entered the Danger Zone.
The mighty WoC army in all its Glory was raining down the pain on my Humble Demis (with ws10, i10, and -1 to be bit) and Inner Circle Knight "Bus". Dice were rolled and stuff and the end result...
Yeah - whose the greatest combat army now huh? Mr scary Chaos Lord of death...DEAD, and the Skull Crushers are running. Disc Exhalted was lucky with BSB enabled successful passing of ldship 5 break test (oh yeah - s4 with hatred pwns...especially when the Grand Master hits only once with the Runefang)

So what's a boy to do? Well I did some sneaky mathematics stuff and got my Waralter all up in their faces and got the 6 inch prayer radius to benefit both the Demis and the ICKs. Lots of dice later, IFing and losing Banishment and stuff I got phas off and gave my combat units a 5+ ward (and then realised my OTS BSB was right next to my Grand Master who was winding up to gank the Exhalted in a challenge - who needs a normal ward anyway?) So Combat happend and...
Mr BSB broke from combat (having provided the re-roll allow the 9 remaining warriors to stick around) and the Grand Master Runefanged the Exhalted TO THE FACE. That was a little tense...3 hits and 3 failed wards.

In other news my Stank failed the supporting 12 inch charge to get my archers and Witch Hunter out of trouble. Naturally that was the turn they all died :(

In the next round Demis vs Warriors went my way with a nice run down. Ryan moved his 2 chariots up to get my Helblaster working on the assumption that 5 knights will lose vs his chariot. my turn he was proven almost right! my Helbaster shot for the first time in the game and blew apart 1 of the chariots and the knights charged, passed all their armour saves like a boss, promptly fluffed all their attacks and won with the charge SCres for the run down!
Knights - winning with the charge only since forever!
So with a Hellcannon, lvl2 and 1 unit of doggies left Ryan tied to hide (failed all march tests) and the Hellcannon exploded :)

1 banishment (only casting from the waralter all game), and helblaster later the battlefield was property of the EMPIRE!!!!

Result: Big win to the Empire (or more correctly their armourers...I was rolling those saves like a boss!)

GAME 2: High Elves Swedish Comp Score 8.something (or 11 if seaguard "bows" dont count towards the cap...)

Off for lunch and beer and then back into round 2. For this game I took a very, very, similar list to Ben Mitchell's US Masters list...did the USA masters comp pack exclude seaguard from the shot cap because that was the difference between a score of 11 (as advertised on Raffazza) and 8.something????

Anywho the list:
lvl4 shadow: 4+ ward (general)
BSB: Armour of Destiny, GW
Noble on Eagle: Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Starlance
28 SeaGuard; FC (super broken in Swedish...gave me -41)
6 Reavers: M, Champ
6 Reavers: M, Champ
21 Phoenix Guard: FC - Razor Standard
6 Dragon Princes: FC - Banner of World Dragon (fluffy!)
Lion Chariot
Lion Chariot
5 Sisters of Avelorn (their first game awwww)

And when rolling for spells I rolled Mindrazor 3 times! This game was shaping up to be Class of Phil Wu 2014 MMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNDRAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZORRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (still havn't forgotten Phil...still haven't forgotten...)

Anywho we rolled up Dawn Attack and I (once again) got the pleasure of deploying first (rather boringly). Ryan (with same list) was stuck with the infamous "split forces".
Sorry as this is Wellington where in the Hills you lose the sun at like 9am these pics are a little dark.

I got the first turn (naturally) and shuffled forward a bit and stuff. I chucked a -3 Movement miasma on the Hellstriders to limit their charge options and shot them down to 2. -2 Toughness on a chariot and it was down to 1 wound. In return Ryan shuffled forward, except for his Hellstriders who made the crazy charge ( needed an 11) despite my best efforts and took out a bolt thrower.
And his Exhalted thought he would try his luck vs my Seaguard
And the Hellcannon (for the 2nd time in a row) splatted the Eagle noble t1...sigh. Nice authoritative first turn for the WoC. 

In my turn the phoenix guard and it's lion chariot shuffle forward. Doggies and a chariot flee my charges. Shooting does 1 wound to Mr Chaos Lord and my Mage skillfully IF's MINDRAZOR and Exhalted on disc is no more! 2 Phoenix Guard die for that. 
SO what's a WoC to do? well Hellcannon goes crazy and almost charges the Dragon Princes who are now in not the best situation...
And Ryan pulls off the beardiest of beardiest rally rolls EVER.
Rallies the chariot first (BIG smile on my face...) and then the doggies rally (grrrr). Mr Chaos Lord charges reavers (flee) and redirects into my bolt thrower that found itself on the front lines of a very, very, very stacked flank! 

In my turn I throw caution to the wind and charge my Phoenix Guard and a lionchariot into the Skullcrushers. Dragon Princes (reluctantly) charge the Hellcannon and manage 2 wounds(!) before the fluff-fest set in. 

Anywho - I pick up my dice and IF...MINDRAZOR!!!!! for the 2nd turn in a row. 2 wounds on the Skullcrushers, 1 wound on the chariot and 3 dead Phoenix Guard and the following happens...
1 whole skullcrusher removed with impact hits
and 1 whole unit removed with mindrazor
Oh -and on top of that the eagle blocked off the warriors so they couldn't kill the sisters who finished off the chariot like the pros they are. 

Reasonably hard to see in the next pic, but Mr Chaos Lord charges the Eagle and the Warriors reform to take the Phoenix Guard to the face. The lvl2 fire mage on Daemonic Mount is rocking in the font row...the sisters look on from the safety of their tower.
And Mr Chaos Lord fails to Kill the Eagle who holds! and Mr lvl2 decides to Cascade, kill 8 warriors and fall down a hole flame caging the Phoenix is cruel. Mr BSB also charges into the Seaguard who were closing in on the action to lend their support (still yet to shoot their -41 comp hit bows for anything other than very ineffective stand and shoots). Champ dies and the BSB gets +1 Ballistic skill!

Meanwhile the rallied chariots and doggies moved back into the action.
In my Turn I play it cool. Reavers charge and kill the doggies sure, why not. Phoenix Guard charge the warriors (meh - 5 die to flame cage) and then I play the magic phase (crazy 11 dice) cool...
Say Hello to t1, s3 Warriors...
and If'ed MINDRAZOR for the 3rd time (a few more things die)..I'm such a pro at warhammer...
Ryan's head drop and loud sigh was priceless

And something odd happened...the BSB DIDN'T DIE???????????? He WON THE COMBAT...and I held phew...stupid no re-rolls to hit due to high I and 3+ ward. Still 1 wound down...2 more to go. The WoC however felt the sharp end of my (rather diminished) Phoenix Guard's sticks and were run down...oh and the mighty Mr Chaos Lord finally killed the eagle :)

However all was not good in the hood. Mr Chariot charges into support the Hellcannon and kills 2 knights (I hold) and Mr Chaos Lord charges into the flank of the Phoenix Guard...
and the Champ dies as I play for time...doesn't help that I also fail my reform to face roll...oh Mr BSB finally dies to MINDRAZOR'ed seaguard...2nd round of combat's the charm.

In my turn the chariot kills the Dragon Prince unit champ (not before taking a wound) and finds itself un-engaged and free to move in its turn. Vs Mr Chaos Lord things go very, very, very, very, very, very, very wrong. I get MINDRAZOR off...but character dies and I fail my steadfast test and I'm run down...Mr Chaos Lord nets himself 1029pts including all the bonuses :(
BIG swing in the game right there!
1029pts for the Blood God...yet still not granted Daemon Princeness despite appearances
MR Chaos Lord then goes into the flank of the Reavers (who were picking on the last unit of doggies) and takes their points over 2 rounds of combat. The doggies run off the board thanks to Sister induced panic test :D However I finally get the set up I was waitiing for...Lion Chariot on Slaanesh Chariot!!!
We draw the first round of combat (both super fluff) but in the final round of combat of the game my Whitelions and their Lions rip the chariot a new one! 120pts well spent!

Result: 13-7 to the High Elves! MVP goes to my lvl4 and Mr Chaos Lord. 

It was great to see the Lion Chariots (played in the film by Tiranoc chariots) in action and not sucking. Noice little support charges, and taking out a chariot at the end = awesome!

So that's my Swedish experience for the year out of the way....2 wins with 2 very different lists. Phil Wu would be proud of my 4 MINDRAZORS in a row - 3 of the IF. BOOM! 


  1. Oh god THE HORROR!! Your Level 4 is due for an appointment with the realm of chaos after all those IF's.

  2. Joel your list only has one Stank. I would have never imagined of using Mindrazor against that (Maybe I would of :P). You know that they call me 'Crutch', he who always has one ;) Proud o your Lvl4 for balls out IF'in like a bawse! Go get it, go get it Padawan! I is blushing now and wanting a rematch against you with my fluffy Daemons (bahaha). GuardCon make the trip North bro!

    1. Guardcon isn't on the fieldsofblood event calendar - get it added!

      Also thank you Master for your words of guidance. I am slowly learning the ways of the crutch

  3. The Bows on the Seaguard and Reavers were halfed for the bow count under Swedish Comp at the time - haven't looked recently to see if that's still the case. So those units don't make up 40 bows, only 20.

    1. hey. So doing Swedish lists very late at night isn't advisable. I missed the "count every second model" part of the bow comp.

      Nice list BTW - even without my Mindrazor luck list has cool synergy - and gives me a reason to (finally) paint up my seaguard!

    2. Thanks. I found the list to generally do what I wanted; but it needed both Mindrazor and Withering to be at it's best. In my first two games I didn't get both (in my first game, I didn't get either!). If I had to do it again, I would have found a way to squeeze in a Lvl 2, and he would have had the scroll. :)