Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hobby Update stuff and things

Hi all,

Long break since the last post. Since NZTC I havn't played much (any???) Warhammer, so I'm itching for a game!

I have however managed to get in my first game of Killteam (the unofficial fan version - rules can be found here) and it is AWESOME. All the best bits of Mordheim + actual armour, and sci-fi goodness makes it a game I shall be playing a lot more of.

For those of you who care here is my Kill Team Roster (I havn't started a campaign yet or anything, so no character names or upgrades etc)

Salamander Kill Team
Veteran Sergeant 24
storm shield 15
Lightning Claw 15
special issue ammo 5
(mastercrafted boltgun) free

5 Tactical Marines 70
Missile Launcher 15
5 Tactical Marines 70
Meltagun 10

Sternguard Veteran 22

Tanky commander, and very shooty. Special issue ammo is the best (gets hot! is not so much...hence mastercrafted boltgun).

Speaking of Salamanders...I have got it all assembled and based (yay!) now to get myself the correct colour sprays and get painting. Naturally being at that stage = gotta get more stuff so I've got a Librarian and a box of Centurions to never ends! I had a game the other day vs Glen's inquisition + 2 dreadknight list. Lots of fun, and definitely helped tighten my list down to what I actually need to be able to do.

Righty  - so on to the important stuff. I have been painting lots of "things" but not doing much finishing off. My main focus has been getting my High Elves to a competitive level. Looking over the lists submitted for NZTC has been really useful here. Basically Dragons = good, mounted mages = good (very good with death), speed = good, core shooting = bad, rare shooting = awesome. I'll still be sticking with a unit of Whitelions with Lolz banner because something needs to be able to hold a watchtower.

I FINALLY got myself a box of Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Avelorn. I'll be doing them up as 5 of each because I love both kits and I dont see myself using more than 5 of each - even in big games.

Painting wise - I've finished the next rank of my Silverhelms (played in the movie by the old Dragon Princes) so I now Have a unit of 10 painted!

And I've converted myself up a 2nd mounted mage from a spare Dragon Mage I had lying around

SO that's me so far. Sisters and Shadow Warriors to come hopefully not too far away.

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