Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sisters of Avelorn - finally painted

Woah - Painting update!

Finally after goodness knows how long I finally bought myself a box of the new Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Avelorn - it's as if I've been playing the High Elves with one arm tied behind my back. I decided to assemble the box as 5 Shadow Warriors, and 5 Sisters of Avelorn. Given their importance - the sisters were first on the painting table.

No surprises on the paint scheme...except for the leather. I swapped my paint scheme to Steel Legion Drab washed with Agrax Earthshade and then re-layered with Steel Legion Drab. Dheneb stone would be the final highlight colour that I'll probably get around to doing.

Now to finish the final few Silverhelms and get the Shadow Warriors painted.

I've got 2 games on Saturday vs Ryan's WoC. I'll be running 2 Swedish 11 lists - Awesome Slaanesh themed Daemons, and one of the High Elf lists from the USA Masters.

I can't attend Runefang this year (sad face) so this will be my "Swedish event". I'll post up some battle reports of the fluff-fest.

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