Thursday, 23 June 2011

Can Opener 2011 Review

Hey all.

Last weekend Me and my fellow gaming buddy thought it would be a great idea to catch the 10hr overnight bus from Wellington NZ to Auckland NZ on friday night, play a 1 day tournament, then catch the 10hr overnight bus back THAT night. Though it was for a good cause (and not just warhammer).

The "jist" of the event was a charity drive. Basically at any point during a game you could donate 1 can to re-roll 1 dice. Sounds simple, yet sooooooo game changing. The winner (Vaul from the warhammer forum who does the awesome youtube battle reports) brought along 120 cans for 5 games. Yes you read that correctly. To make matters worse, his army consisted of plague furnace, Abomb and grey seer (+the other unimportant stuff). Gotta love the subtle 13th spell + abomb + plague furnace tactic...especially with re-rolls hahaha. Not bitter at all-I wish I could carry/afford that many cans for a 1 day event haha.

And hey-it was a lolz event. Every one was in a really good mood and just enjoying warhammer and each other's company.

I managed to carry 15 cans,and didnt use them all haha. Dont worry-I donated them all in the end- I was just waaaay to tired to think with that sort of strategy haha

So the games: (I was writing reports like I usually do, and taking photos. [none came out good enough-though I will endevour to edit this post by adding a few of the good ones] Then I ran out of dunkin donuts and the energy levels just plummeted haha).

Game 1: vs High Elves -random deployment.

So this army was really interesting for the points level. lvl3 with silver wand, bsb, block of spears, archers, block of whitelions, lion chariot, eagle, mounted eagle dude, shadow warriors.
The game was a bit of a standoff. He didnt want to get near me-I was trying to get near him once the chaff was dead. I won 11-9, but should have been more as in the last round I got my flagellants into his whitelions + BSB, and didn't allocate attacks onto the squishy bsb...oh well. Fun game, great opponent.

Game 2: vs High elves -BANNERS

2nd game, 2nd HE army, 2nd army with a noble on an eagle haha. The opponent was using the HE army for the first time. In fact, he was the very first person to 20-nil me.  + he has a really cool brets army with cheese labels for banners haha. I was looking forward to this game.  This time it was the BSB with reavorbow, GW, and the charmed shield + mundane...not a bad combo *files away*. This time there were 2 RBT, swordmasters, sea guard, T chariot and 2 eagles + archers. I had a building on the edge of my deployment zone. Instead of being a dick and putting all my points in there, I used it as a lvl4 bunker. Best moment was when my flagellants charged his 12 wide swordmasters...I roll 5 dice...and then IF ASF on them haha. 50 attacks later (re-roll to wound too) = dead swordmasters + very depleted flagellants. They eventually got shot to bits. It took 3 rounds of RBT to kill my pistoliers, who managed to nab the t. chariot in that time. My "points bunker" halberd unit walked over the sea guard and the game ended as I was just short of the archers + lvl4. Didnt get all his banners (grrr), but nabbed a  14-6 win to me. SO our record now stands at 2 massacres to him, 1 major victory to me.

Game 3 s Woodies - deploy army first-most expensive unit worth x2 VPs

So 3rd game, ANOTHER Elvish army, ANOTHER noble on an eagle (I'm seeing an Auckland theme)-this time it was the BSB with the heavy armour/4+ ward. This game was an absolute disaster for me. I deployed first with a massive choke point for him to go through...only for the woodies to steal first turn. 10 wildriders 30 inch move later (vanguard + move) = on my flank ready to pounch. I made a big mistake when when my sisters moved to block his treekin from charging flag-instead gave them overrun into halberds...and the halberds were too far forward. Result = now I understand why everyone hates treekin haha. To make matters worse, the other unit were struggling to kill 10 wildriders. I failed EIGHT RE-ROLLING FEAR TESTS and the wildriders were really good at passing wards...and then to add to the woes-theflagellants, wittled down to 16 from bowfire charged the gladeguard. S&S killed 2, then in CC the glade guard killed 11...the rest then died from martyr. You can't plan that! All odds were on me winning combat by lots and nabbing the Gladeguard and lvl4 sigh. So everything died. 20-nilled
I'm not going to blame the cans-even though opponent used a few at key moments-heck he felt so bad he let me use one of his for a mortar misfire re-roll haha. Fun game, absolute disaster, and vs one of my fav opponents to play against.

Game 4 Ogres-battleline-general worth x2 VP's

So this game looked like an easy win. MMU ogres. 1000000000000 gnoblars in a unit, gnoblar trappers, butcher, stubborn tryrant, bsb, unit of 8 bulls, unit of 7 Iron guts, 3 lead belchers.
HOWEVER, I had run out of sugar, and it was showing. Flaggellants charged the bulls-went out of buff range....when letting them charge me = no big deal. The bulls pulled the flag apart-esp when I forgot to dispel the +1 T/stubborn with a 12 dice Magic phase (with the flag out of range as well for the buffs....). Iron guts engaged the general/bsb's halberds. I easily killed the ironguts, but the tyrant sat around WINNING COMBAT allowing the millions of gnoblars to flank me -taking out the unit.

Big mistakes all round...but I wanted to go to sleep haha. Though that doesn't take away anything from the victory. He was a great guy to play and I really want a re-match with a focused and awake me haha

Game 5- king of the hill vs Chaos Dwarfs

So the 2 massive losses sees me vs the TO. His army was designed to be 20-nilled. No magic, no shooting, no BSB. 2 units of GW dwarfs (one with 3 characters in front rank), 4 iron goems, 10 sneaky gits, 5 wolf dudes, 2 units of spear gobbos. Easy huh?

Well until you ge the hill and plonk your flagellants on them in a daze...and they get wiped out on the charge by EVERYTHING. THen the Iron golems pull apart 1 halberd unit, while the dwards pull apart the other. Disaster 101-but once again-I was ready to go to sleep. I felt bad as I wanted to be more engaged and "tactical", but the lack of sleep showed otherwise.

Oh well. So I won an award though-The wooden spoon award haha. Me and my mate also won the respect of the Auckland gaming community + established a gaming relationship I want to maintain as they were a great bunch of people to play with. NEXT time though I fly and SLEEP the night before haha.

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