Wednesday, 1 June 2011

That promised lick of paint

Hey everyone, so as this blog is titled in such a way to get me showing off my painting, I figured I better put some pics up of the work I've been doing.

Basically with the Empire army finished and the High Elf army either in the post (JUST beat the GW restraint of trade woot!), unassembled, or still being "won" on Ebay (gotta get the old metal Silverhelm champ! It's my favourite High Elf figure), I dont have anything "new" to paint.

So-that = my other projects. Ogres are still the ignored sibling (too much shadow grey and not enough fun at the lower points levels), which leaves upgrading my Woodelves.

So the old, crappy, first foray into painting "look" (ignore the pretty models in the background)

I was going for a "fight in the mud" stealthly look. What came out was a really bland colour scheme. I had red as a "pop" colour-but only on elites and characters = the army looks really dumb. It was also painted as the foundation paints came out, but before the washes, so everything has black mixed into it to darken it, and the skin is a bad attempt to "layer" with shimy shiny flesh wash to compensate. Also please feel free to gross out at the "edging"....gross.

So the new look:
So a lot more colourful, still keeping to the "muddy" look, and actually look like woodelves.

The cloaks and bits on the bow were done with an Adeptus Battlegrey base coat, washed with Badab black. Then it was dry brushed with camo green, then "layered" or "shaded" with catachan green to take the edge off the camo green.
The red stuff came out really bright in the pics-it's actually a lot darker (blame the flash). It is Mechrite red, badab black wash, the highlighted with blood red.
The brown leather/ends of bow is good old faithful scorched brown base, rough highlight of vermin brown the the answer to all painting problems ever, a wash of Devlan mud.
The flesh is tallarn flesh base, elf flesh highlights, then a wash of ogryn flesh.

Ignore hair as that is still the original stuff.

I Also thought I would treat you with a WIP of the battle Standard Bearer. Now this was originally painted with the washes, but kept the style of the old scheme (so the "red" was really a black with a red tinge). The WIP part to still be done is a design on the flag. I really want to try a freehand elfy design (pencil first of course!) using the Non-metallic metal gold colour scheme for the colours.

So there you have it.

My next painting update will possibly showing off my witch hunters Mordheim warband that I did using non-metallic techniques. Got to do a few repair jobs first though haha.

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