Saturday, 11 June 2011

First 40K in AGES 750 Blood Angels vs Orks

So, back to the 40k for my first game is a very, very long time. We went for a small game to give us time to re-hash the rules without interrupting the flow of the game.

I took:
Big Mek: Kustom Force Field
9 Lootas
30 Boyz: Nob with Powerklaw and 2 Big Shootas
11 Grotz
12 Trukkboyz: Nob with Powerklaw
Trukk with ram
3 Killakans with Big Shootas

So a list that does a bit of everything. Only issue would be Landraider...

The Blood Angel list:
Librarian: Preferred enemy power and s10 power
5 Assault Marines: hand flamer and flamer
Razorback: searchlights and Twinlinked Assault Cannons
9 Assault Marines; Sergant with Powerfist, Flamer
Landraider Crusader (one with Hurricane bolters) TL assault cannon, Multimelta.

So basically the Blood Angel list is 2 tanks haha. The Mission we played was "late orders", so didnt roll for mission until turn 4 to keep it interesting.
We deployed using the 12 inch deployment zone along the board edge.
So the razorback is out of sight (I deployed first). I kept the trukk boyz and grotz in reserve for late game rush for any potential objectives.

Turn 1:
So the Blood Angels went first. The razorback rushed to more cover to get away from the lootas. The Landraider just moved up, knowing it cant be touched.
Nothing shot as everything out of range.

So the Orks get down to business, by moving to try get a shot at the razorback.
The Kans shoot, hit 4 times, 1 glancing, which gets saved from the hard cover (we couldnt remember the order that goes in, so did the saves after the rolls to penetrate).

Turn 2:
So the Razorback continues its massive flanking operation and drives into the middle of no-where. Apparently my opponent wanted it away from lootas and over the other side of board if an objective appeared. The Landraider continues it's relentless drive up the middle towards the hordes. In the shooting phase, the KFF earned its points when it stopped a multimelta shot at the kans. The hurricane bolters opened up at the lootas who 4+cover saved FTW. They were not so lucky vs the assault cannon, which killed 2 lootas.
Please note the cool GW starter set measuring sticks. I thought that since we were effectively re-learning how to play, it would be fun to use them....DONT.

The Ork turn starts with the Trukk boyz entering the battle to have some fun. I rock them on up against a wall to get some cover saves from the razorback assault cannon.  I remembered that you can run in the shooting phase, so my Kans ran 4, and my shootas ran 1 inch haha-no point pretending my guns could touch the land raider.
Turn 3:
The Razorback continues to be boring-moves back to get a shot on the trukk. The landraider however, makes a tacical blunder, and gets stuck between a wall and a tank trap-perfect place to unload troops, but can only reverse out...
So down to shooting, the land raider lights up the lootas-killing 4. The lootas, however, hold strong and pass their panic test. The Razorback then lets lose at the Trukk boyz. 4 hits = 1 glance and 1 penetration. A 6 rolled on the trukk explosion table = boyz fall out and the trukk becomes an interesting terrain rampaging forward into the razorback then :(

SO, the Orks, out of things to do, all run at the landraider. The grots still decide it is better to hide off the field of battle.
Since the landraider moved 12 inches, I was hitting on 6's. My Powerklaws hit once, nothing, the kans did a repeat job. Good news was that the landraider could not tank shock itself out of the situation haha.

Turn 4:
turn 4 = roll for mission...and we got KILL POINTS. Everyone's favourite mission. bad news was I was 1 point down, good news was that I had 4 points in my sights...

THE ASSAULT MARINES GET OUT OF THE RAZORBACK!!!! The Razorback rocks up towards the orks to get some shots off at stuff. It was all for nothing however, as 4 wounds = 4 cover saves haha. The landraider has more luck killing 4. The multimelta gunner was obviously a little shaken by the hordes of Orks and missed the kanz.
In the Ork phase, the grotz finally waltz onto the battlefield into a corner to hide from the scary marines. The remaining 2 lootas Finally have a target to shoot, roll 3 shots each and promptly immobilise the Razorback. In the combat with the landraider 5 penetrating hits = a roll of 2, 4, 4, 5, 6...and I wish I didnt roll the 6 haha. With a 5 as top = everything dead inside as nowhere to deploy. As it was though, the marines stumbled out unharmed. My consolidation rolls were not good enough to avoid the multicharge...A 40k fluff worthy ending was in sight...

Turn 5:
Well not much to say really. To start with the immobolised razorback fires at the lootas, killing the stubborn final 2. 
The assault marines from the razorback moved across towards the slaughter. The Landraider marines opened up on the shoota boyz. The flamer kills 5 and the KFF means that only 1 ork died from the bolt pistols (stupid more Orks being in sight that not= no 4+ cover save). The assault marines then combo charge the trukk and shoota boyz. The Librarian does the preferred enemy power, and promptly kills the big mek. (Librarian in the film played by an old Grey Knight I painted years ago).

9 trukk boyz die and 3 shoota boyz die. In return I do nothing. That's right-nothing. 36 attacks from the shoota boyz = 2 wounds that are saved by the armour. However, the PowerKlaws manage to kill 2 marines! SO the orks lose combat. The trukk boyz run away never to be seen again. The shoota boyz lose another 12 from much for the glorious horde!

Alright, so what can the Orks do? The Kans decide to get a piece of the action. However, they did not count on the Librarian having a s10 power. Striking first, the librarian destroys 2 kans and rips the DCCW off the 3rd much for that winning strategy haha. My Nob then decides to miss the marines. The shoota boyz however, do hold!

We play the next round. My nob kills 2 marines while also dying to the sergent's powerfist, the rest of the glorious horde also die around him. With a Kan and some very scared grots on the board, it was safe to say that the Blood Angels had carried the day in the fluffiest way possible: One squad of marines soloing an Ork army. haha

Post battle:

So other than the obvious fact that we both have unpainted parts to our armies (him more so than me haha-need the new kans me thinks!) the game was fun. Disappointed to not get a glorious ork charge on the blood angels, but that's life. If I had better consolidation rolls after crunching the Land raider I might have been able to do it, but hey.
Time to scale the games up, get out the panzer division and dream about the Grey knight army I want to build once I finish the high elves...


  1. Ouch.. next time don't bring the land raider, see how the orks do then. And don't get out of the razorback..

    Why couldn't the land raider move in its turn? Unless it was immobilised by the tank traps it could have just reversed and rammed the kans couldn't it? Freakin terrible idea, but it could try..
    Could it have moved over the tank traps or are they impassable to tanks? Or would you just risk a difficult terrain test?
    Why would all the marines be dead if your top result was a 5 when you blew up the land raider? There's a door on the other side and you don't have the entire thing surrounded, so they could pile out into the terrain on that side right? There's not a heap of room there since you've got a kan at the top and boyz at the bottom, but there's room to get a bunch of models out into the terrain...
    Haven't played 40k in a very long time, thus don't really know the rules properly, but thought I'd ask anyway. We can all use it as a learning opportunity ;)

    Also, let's see some high elves..

  2. WOW first comment. Yes, the Landraider could have rammed the Kans-as I said, first game in ages, so not on top of the game rules haha (re-forgetting we could run etc). We play the tank traps are impossible for tanks of all sorts to go over-so they actually "trap" tanks haha.

    Like I said-not too flash on the rules, so POSSIBLY could have opened the door to a wall and magically appeared on top of the wall, but we thought that would be a little weird.

    but yes- I promise pics soon of the high elves-problem being that nothing is on a base as I have no idea what I want to do it. Do I go resin (expensive and hard to magnetise, but pretty), or a "DIY" approach (cheap, easy to magnetise, not as pretty). I pretty much have a padded shoe box of assembled stuff haha.