Wednesday, 8 June 2011

update: 40k Terrain

So, sadly no gaming in the weekend. My sister decided to come home from Korea so that meant no time for gaming-so sorry to my battle report fans.

So this week I thought I would share my obsession for the last two nights-and I'm not talking about Viking metal or Star Trek (though there was that too).

Years ago I bought the Imperial sector 40k terrain box with the dreams of building an awesome city of stuff. Unfortunately for me, 40k is more of a "fleeting" interest compared to my true love Fantasy. HOWEVER, my friend who is OBSESSED with space marines (in a not so healthy way) has just got back from Japan, so maybe it's time to dust off the Panzer division speed freak Orks and re-learn how to play 40k. That of course, means building 2nd most favourite part of warhammer.

So here is what I have been working on with the remaining parts of the box set (the rest has been assembled into a variety of buildings):

So as you can see it is a 3 part building. A lower, bigger flat area for my lootas, and a higher tower part for interest + a balcony. The smaller tower will get a plasticard sky bridge to the tower so everything links up.

 Also, there are 4 wall sections left over which I will turn into a little ruined "feature". Then to base on cardboard, cover in rubble, and spray paint to look cool. Fun. If this terrain mood continues, I might even start constructing trenches....too many projects!

And bonus points for all those who spotted Harry the Giant with his soft toy Fred. I’ll paint him up one day when Giants are an acceptable part of the Empire/Slave giants are useful in an Ogre list.
I will also get around to posting my 2000 point Ork list and my thought on it + some pics and a 1750 list that I want to modify my list to based on my thoughts. BE WARNED, my 40k tolerance is low, so don’t expect too much. With my leave coming up soon though, I might get a game or two in, so hopefully there will also be battle reports on my newly repaired gaming table showing off my noob 40k gaming skills!

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