Thursday, 9 February 2012

Homecon II List: ode to stupid international delivery times and frantic painting

Righty, so Homecon II lists have been submitted, so I can now safely reveal my list to all.

I am taking:

lvl4: (general) shadow, scroll, Folariath's Robes, dragonbane gem
BSB: GW, Armour of Caledor, Dawnstone
Noble: Eagle, Dragon Armour, Lance, ch. shield, talisman of preservation
2x20 Spears: Full Command
2x10 Archers: Musician
22 Phoenix Guard: Full Command-amulet of light and flame banner
3x6 White Lions
2x5 Swordmasters
5 Lion Princes: Musician
2 Eagles

SO a nice MSU list with Phoenix Guard bunker holding all the points (waitin to get 13th or gatewayed)

I had a practice game last night vs Dave's skaven that was missing a furnace and storm banner. My many units gave me a good advantage in setting up favourable charges etc, so that was great. 5 Swordmasters vs 41 slaves (enfeebled to s2) = swordmasters kill most of them until 6 wlions came to help with the clean up-good indication of their power vs hordes!
5 Mindrazored swordmasters in flank of HPA = dead HPA (who came back to life on 6 wounds, so all for naught haha).

THe units of 6 white lions were not as amazing as they were in the 1200pt tournament, but in that event I did not have to take on massive hordes of s3 which I know they are not that flash hot against (however vs such lists they can become great redirectors and road blocks).

However, it was not the list I was wanting to field. What I wanted to field relied on stuff arriving from the UK.
My preferred list:

lvl4: (general) shadow, scroll, robes
BSB: armour of caledor, ICI, luckstone
Noble: Eagle, dragon armour, lance, ch, shield, talisman of preservation
38 spears: FC-gleaming pendant
2x10 Archers: Musician
26 White Lion: FC-amulet of light, flame banner
3x6 white lions
2x5 swordmasters
5 Lion Princes: M
2 Eagles


What I wanted to run had a serious hammer unit = the spears could be a massive anvil of grinding awesomeness. However since running the Phoenix Guard the spears need to become a more offensive unit = 2x20 to give combat flexibility

Also my original idea has a cool Chrace theme...kinda broken with the Phoenix Guard, however they were very fun to paint and I now LOVE the models.

I'm not going spend the weekend thinking "man, a horde of s6 would be useful about now", instead it is going to be about tanking and setting up the combo charges the good o' fashion way. THIS WILL BE MY FIRST EVENT IN 8th (of proper sized games) NOT RUNNING A HORDE UNIT OF KILLING AWESOMENESS....looking forward to see if I actually have some tactical skill beyond shoving millions of attacks into something. With a tough field I am really looking forward to the games and will be using them as a chance to really learn how the High Elves work and test their weaknesses and strengths vs top caliber opponents.


  1. It was a fun game and I definately had problems dealing with the list you have now.

    The horde of Whitelions certainly hurts a hell of a lot as I found out in our previous game but the Pheonix Guard are a lot harder to get rid of and I think they do a good bunker job.

    Glad I tried without the furnace, as it's completed my test run of all my available options. I do like my furnace a lot but I think the monks can do pretty well on thier own (unless they fluff thier attacks and eagles go rolling insane courage of course!)

  2. In your preferred list you'd need to swap out 6 of the White Lions (probably for swordmasters) so you don't have 4 units of them ;)

  3. why whats wrong with 4 units of White Lions?
    .. High Elves can have 6... I say more White Lions

  4. Yeah, High Elves can have up to 6 repeat of a special and 4 repeat of a rare (as a nice apology for making us take 25% core with our 2 1/2 core choices) FINALLY there is an event that actually allows the High Elf army book to operate as intended and I find myself short of 2 spare eagles (well, converted griffons to keep the theme) and also short of white lions so I cannot take advantage of the special choice rules.

    6 repeat rare makes MSU a really fun option while having 4 eagles actually means the army has expendable chaff, so can do a "block and chaff" style army.

    Oh well, I can pretty much say right now that this comp pack is the best so far in 8th, so hopefully plenty of opportunity to fine tune the High Elves using all the available rules (minus Teclis!).

  5. It's almost like I've never read the High Elf book. Oh wait...