Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rungfang V

Hi all.

So the army lists have been made public and the first round draw is up....I've been matched up with a dwarf army.

General observations:
1) Crown of Command is very fashionable. A little too fashionable. I feel like I have the only list that could have taken it that hasnt! I very much see the tactical worth of it-especially on my BSB in a unit of knights, but meh. I figured having a s6 BSB would be more cool (though Crown of command/somight is a tempting combo) and a little different.
2) lots of dwarfs and skaven. Seriously what's up with that? A little sad to see that none of them ventured away from the standard by too much especially with the prospect of multiple games vs them.
3) Glad I didnt bring a stank! With 4 dwarf armies, 5 skaven armies, HKB brets, and another Empire army out there that is 300 points of "free" for a lot of armies. Will my 30 flagellants be any better? Who knows. Historically that have been more fun to use and net me a better return (skink/gutter runner poison spam not withstanding), however the stank/walter combo is really, really good, but does mean most opponents give you a sideways look of "really?" I opted for less templates (only 3 of the available 4-stank taking up 2) because I wanted to rock the rocket battery and outriders before they all changed on me. 
4) Maybe I should stop using the super fluffy Empire forum as my stopping point for Empire wisdom. Any forum that has threads that go on for pages and pages about the fluff should be avoided for tactical info! The term "net list" and that forum dont go hand in hand too well :P

If the rumours are true this could/should be my last outing with the 7th ed. Empire book at an event. Excited by the prospect of not having the field 2 cannons, stank/walter/stubborn 1+ as stuff to be competitive (hopefully). Hoping to place mid to upper field, but then again having no crown of command/stank could sink me down to the bottom field. Least favourite prospect is a weekend of games vs skaven and dwarfs that could happen if I end up in the mid field all event. Best prospect would be a tournament of games vs different armies as a last hurrah! for the Empire before I start fielding hordes of demigriffon riders :P

Will post battle run downs after the event and hopefully a few pics as well (if I can steal the camera for the weekend!)

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  1. I think that would be me your facing! Correct? I hope our game will be a a bit interesting then a 10-10 tie lol