Saturday, 4 February 2012

Painting update-Dryads and Phoenix Guard

Sup all.

Sorry for the delay. Laziness got in the way meaning setting up the tripod seemed like too much work.

Anyway, as promised my new dryad colour scheme.
I cannot take the credit for the colour scheme. I found it on some blog that was linked in a signature of a contributor to Basically the entire model get's the "Sam treatment" (dheneb stone). Then I went over all the sticky out parts with skull white. The red was then based coated the cital foundation red, dry brushed blood red, then dry brushed vomit brown (lightly!). I then covered the entire model in Devlan Mud. Any bones were then highlighed bleached bone and the leaves were base coated dark angel green, then goblin green, then goblin green/rotten flesh mix for highlight.

You will also note that the models are based! Very, very exciting. 2 tones of static grass to give it a foresty feel. No rocks or anything like that were added because a lot of my woodies have stuff on the base anyway to add spot interest here and there.

Right-now onto the Phoenix Guard:

 Only the front 2 ranks painted so far. You will notice my BAMF Prince on the left corner and mage in the right corner of 1st pic. This is because I am 99% sure I will be running a block of these guys at Homecon with Mage Knight Prince and Robed lvl4 with Shadow (and banner of sorcery ofc!), So I figured  I would get a group pic to show their coolness. I initially was only going to use them because my extra whitelions have yet to arrive (grrr), but the more I painted them, the more I wanted to use them because they also look cool. Mage Knight then got added to the idea because he is also it spiralled haha.

On the command pic you will notice the unit champ is too cool to use a weapon. He instead points and stares at his enemies and kills them that way. I also did my first EVER wet mixing on the banner to get the flame affect. Up til that banner any flame I have painted has either been 3D or very small (see BSB banner). This large area presented challenges for the "just layer it" approach as it would look too obvious. SO with a bright orange "mid tone" base colour to work over I went about moving from Sunburst Yellow to Bright Orange, to Blood Red, to Red Gore. Not as hard as I feared it would be...but not a technique to be used on a mass scale! Just good to have another trick up the sleeve.

So that's that. Next post will most likely be my finalised Homecon List. I have settled on taking the High Elves (Empire can wait for Runefang), so will be experimenting with lists till then (99% settled on list-stupid tweaking!).


  1. Looks great mate, the Phoenix Guard in particular look very impressive! I look forward to trying to murder them while they are not looking :)

  2. They all look great Joel, I especially like the Mage. The blue magic vortex hes perched on really helps the model stand out.