Saturday, 25 February 2012

My latest efforts

Hey all.

Fresh off my experiment with MSU high elves in larger point games I have hit the modelling and started assembling my 3rd and 4th Griffons. I have tried to be a little bit more creative with these 2 so as to create some interest in an army that will have 5 of essentially the same "centrepiece' model.

So first of all the not so inventive one:

"Griffon carrying poor villager to their doom"

Nothing too exciting. Take Griffon, cut off all the mounted stuff, poorly greenstuff where feathers should be, rummage through spare bitz to find the giant hand that is carrying poor villager, spend ages cutting out the villager, find way it fits in eagle claw.

Rock on base is 1/2 the ent hand carrying rock that I thought looked a little like a rock with tree root growing over it. I will greenstuff a plant like thing to it when finished griffons.

Griffon two "swooping over broken pillar"

A wee bit more techical this one. First of all I cut off the left leg and pinned it back in on an angle (exactly like my first griffon but on the other leg). I had to use more greenstuff as this leg with a weakish pinned joint had to be able to take the weight of entire griffon. I then BOUGHT MY FIRST FINECAST miniture (the orc leaping off pillar from the LOTR range) purely to get the pillar which was in good order. The orc was a little worse for wear due to all the flash on a very small figure. A holding pin, lots of supper glue, plenty of tribute gifted to Sigmar, and all the metal extra crap I could find glued to the underside of the base, and it STILL needs an extra rock on the base for it to balance haha. 

Also on the table I am currently painting up another 10 archers including a standard bearer so I can up on of the archer units to 19/20. My archers were the only things not to die in pretty much every game, and a bigger unit gives me somewhere to put the lvl4. This is all part of my move towards "shoot, divert, SMASH" tactic I am slowly developing and will begin playtesting once the archers and 2 griffons are table top worthy.

And finally I re-made my mounted BSB for the Empire for its last hurrah! at Runefang V before the new book moves all the artillery to rare etc. Once list submissions have closed I'll post my list and my thoughts about what I expect it to do.


  1. Nice work bro. In other news, i was just looking on trade me and I saw an Mordheim sisters of sigmar box on there, thought you might be interested.

  2. thanks.

    Yes, I would be keen...depending on the price! Will search now

  3. I've always thought that it would be too much work to convert the Prince on Griffon. Thanks for the inspiration and I've just nabbed your convert idea (green stuff is your friend). Now I have a Griffon/Eagle and a mounted noble on horse from the converted kit.
    Looking to get another for a double Griffon/Eagle for my army.