Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Campaign Day 1

Hi all,

Over the weekend the real warhammer contest was taking place at Chez Dunn with a warhammer campaign.

I took my trusty woodies: list was in my previous post.

we set up the map. I'm the red flags
A bit hard to see, but I have 2 locations on the left of the map and 1 by the coast.

To get my bad (very bad) match up out the way I challenged Pete who was using his list from Masters. We rolled for a mission and got battleline...looks like we were in for a short game!

We deployed:
and Pete got the first turn.

Turn 1:
Pete Moves his stuff up. He game plan was rather unsubtle from the get go - get in my grill, give me no room to move and blast me off the board. 5 dryads died to warp lightning, 2 dryads died to wildwood (sigh). 1 Eagle dies to gutter runner poison. In some good news (and me avoiding a nudy run) the warplightning cannon kindly decided to blow up.

 I then get a chance to do something...stormbanner up = that something was "nothing"

Turn 2:
Naturally the storm banner comes straight back down. The bell destroys the building, the depleted dryad unit gets wiped out by warplightning. the gutter runners wipe out a unit of glade guard which naturally panics another unit off the board (when it rains, it pours).

Always the optimist I set about redeeming my position in the game. Dryads charged the hamster wheel, eagle does an "unapproved ETC move" on the Hellpit, and the 2 treemen and a unit of gladeguard charge into a unit of slaves (having forced another unit to flee) to try get some momentum.
The remains of the bowline let loose a hail of arrows dropping the seer to 1 wound and putting a few wounds on the bell. Dryads draw vs wheel, slaves get smashed and hold. The other dryads also fail to kill an engineer who flees...

Turn 3:
The Skaven warmachines keep up the pressure. The dryads who failed to kill an engineer get storm vermin to the front and a bell to the flank.
Cracks call pops the treeman. The lvl4/bsb bunker gets 13thed into rats. The remaining Eagle is shot down. The slaves get more beat down and the dryads all run away.
I took a long hard look at the board and the ruthless assault was almost complete. There was nothing left for me to do other than be wiped out so we called it and made coffee...sweet, sweet coffee.

An unsurprising big win to the Skaven and I'm still clueless on how to tackle skaven with woodies after how many years.

This cost me big in the campaign as I only had 1 point to spend on the round land was cheap.

GAME TWO: vs Mike's Beastsmen. I had the grand army perk (I got to pick first due to having the smallest empire) which allowed me to use a sideboard. I used the Treekin. We rolled up Blood and Glory.

We deployed:
Turn 1:
Mike got the first turn and moved all up in my grill....kinda. I pulled out the scroll to stop a purple sun right down my treemen.
The wildriders charged a unit of ungors, a unit of dryads suicided into the beastigors having caused a razigor to flee, and I moved up my trees to get into the gors while the bowline took shape...and killed the Gorgon and a chariot. The Ancient did 2 wounds to the 2nd chariot with some strangleroot goodness while the treeman stranglerooted 2 Gors. The wildriders rundown the ungors and catch the razigor. The Judean People's Front dryads did a wound to the lvl4 and Beastlord before being ritually cut down.

Turn 2:
The remaining chariot on 2 wounds charged the eagle (with shield of thorns...). Eagle flees Beastigor charge who then re-direct into a unit of glade guard (also flee).  The Gors move right into the face of the treemen. Shield of thorns kills the chariot!
So the treeman and Ancient charge the Gors. Due to their placement the Ancient gets a flank and has to clip due to the razigor (who promptly dies to shooting). Other shooting thins out the Beastigors.
The treemen win combat easily...but not before the Treeman forgets how to pass armour and ward saves and takes 3 wounds.

Turn 3:
The beastlord solos out to butcher the eagle. The death shaman IF's leech on my lvl4 (nothing), but kills the unit champ and 2 other Beastigors in the process.Trees continue to stomp all over the Gors.
NOW the Treekin get into the fight.
This means all the Gors and the BSB are cut down and the treekin run through. The Beastlord is also pin coushined. In other news one of my dryad units catches one of the shadow lvl1's.

Turn 4:
The lvl4 shaman leeches the remaining wounds off the Treeman, but in revenge the Beastigors are shot down to 2 + the lvl4. 

Turn 5:
The lvl4 and remaining Beastigors charge eagle - flee, and then redirect into the Ancient. Promptly IF purple sun, roll a misfire and kill the Ancient and the remaining Beastigors!
In return I finish off the lvl4 also nab the remaining lvl1 to finish the game.

Big win to the woodies and the sideboard was completely unnecessary. This then means I take one of Mike's territories to get myself another beach front property.

GAME THREE vs Ryan's vamps. We rolled up Dawn Attack. Ryan had been doing rather well with his land grab and was one of the largest empires.

We "deployed"
...and I stole first turn!

Turn 1:
I shuffled the line around to keep the Treemen out of scream threat and get my archers in range of the terrorgiest. The flaming banner bunker then fail to wound = terrorgiest is shot down to 5 wounds and regens the 6th GAR!
In return the vamp line shuffles a bit and gazes of 6 glade guard (good thing I didnt roll any of the useful life spells...). The Terrorgiest regains 3 wounds from a round of very unthreatening magic.

Turn 2:
I decide to move closer to the undead hordes to maximise my shooting. Dwellers is scrolled, I do a single wound to a vargiest and kill 2 black knights.
The vargiestsx2 then flank dryadsx2 and must win combat vs 1 and the other unit escapes or holds (notes a little unclear and didnt take pics of the stages).

Turn 3:
Dryads and Treemenx2 take out a unit of vargiests. Dwellers stopped (again). Wildriders kill some dogs and overrun into more dogs.
Ryan then gets really sneaky. The Vamp Hero fails a charge on dryad flank (unlucky) and a wraith attempts a through the gap charge on the archers (rolls snakes eyes...karma). Some zombies fail a charge and it looks like the remaining vargiests go beat up some archers. The rest of the wraiths move out to harass my bowline.The vamp hero vanhels his way out of treeman line of sight.

Turn 4:
wildriders charge and kill a wraith. 2 Trees into the skeles for some stompy stomp. Dryads charge the lone vamp hero. For the 2nd time the terrorgiest is shot down to 1 wound. I think the 2nd unit of vargiests dies in this turn too.
And then in the greatest bit of luck EVA the dryads kill the vamp hero!

The vamp turn consists of lots of zombie and wraith charges and triggered the eagle double flee. The treemen crumble the skeles in a powerful display of awesome smack down.

Turn 5:
My notes here (retrospectively) say "Ballsed up". Basically I was tired, and didnt mentally take note of exactly how many turns were left. I got cocky and charge the dryads and both treemen into the bus...BAD MOVE.
Well, it would have been a great move if I had nettlings on the Ancient..as the Vamplord challenged and cut my ancient into firewood. The treeman held while the dryads fled. In other news I FINALLY AFTER 3 DEDICATED SHOOTING PHASES KILL THE TERRORGIEST...however my wildriders die to the zombies in the rear. The bun
The Vamplord then butchers the treeman just as easily as he did the Ancient. The zombie units then take out a unit of archers and overrun into my bunker. (I need to check these rules. I remember in the old book that zombies couldnt overrun).

Turn 6: 
I win the bunker vs zombies in flank combat and reform to face...however I was careless and...
This happened. I didnt slide across with the reform = vamplord charge into flank. Throw lvl4 under to keep the BSB around = I hold.

Well, way to throw 985pts away in the last 2 turns! This gives Ryan a 265pt win or 11-9. Rather annoying as I could have easily controlled the knight bus for 2 more turns and walked away with a comfortable win.

Day 2 to come tomorrow.


  1. Nice Post! Looking forward to the 2nd part.

    Which campaign rules (set) did you guys use?

    1. I believe it was a modified version of the Mighty Empires material that can be found somewhere on thefieldsofblood.blogspot.co.nz from 2011.

      basically confirm points spend from last game (take land = 2, build = 1, conquer land = extra 1, or roll for gold 2d6x10 per point). Determine empire size ranking (land = 1, city = 1), pick benefit smallest empire picks first (free sideboard, +2 to rolls of going first, chance to destroy improvements, + 1 empire point if win, nothing if lose, stop someone challenging you, and a few others), then arrange games - smallest empire chooses first.

      I should hopefully get part 2 done tonight...

  2. Nice work on the campaign pics and post there. Challenging Pete first up was brave, I was hoping to dodge him all weekend but didn't work out so well. I was lucky to get the cheap land grab though when Mike challenged me first up. What's this talk of a nudy run? Is that like snooker if you didn't kill anything? Dryads not killing an engineer is unlucky. I imagine 13th is particularly devastating against wood elves with lots of small expensive infantry units.

    You are right that when you only have vampires casters, magic phase is pretty unthreatening, especially early on with nothing but zombies to bring back. Going to try mix a death or heavens caster in there. Shame my cheeky double sneak attack didn't work turn 3. The vampire hero was supposed to redirect into the side of the dryads in front after forcing the dryads at back to flee again, rolled 12 for leadership, no bsb. Best I could do was get him out of the way but dryads did 3 wounds, failed 2 out of 3 1+ saves = sad dead vampire hero. It was a tight game, you had me until that ancient charge...