Friday, 15 March 2013

Weekend Woodies

Hi all,

So this weekend I'm taking part in a Mighty Empires campaign. 2400pts - Runefang comp + each army is allowed 2 sideboards of 200pts that must obey army composition and must be whole units/multiple whole units.

Wood Elves 

The Wood Elves plan world domination

Here's my list:

Treeman Ancient (General)
lvl4 Lifeweaver: scroll

BSB: Asyendi's Bane, Hail of Doom Arrow

17 Glade Guard: Musician, Standard - Banner of Eternal Flame
5x10 Glade Guard: Musician
3x8 Dryads

5 Wildriders: Musician

2 Eagles

A nice shooty list with 2 treemen for punch. Wildriders are there to give me speed and because they are cool.

My First Sideboard is 3 Treekin. This is for when I need another frontline unit.
The 2nd Sideboard is 8 Dryads and 5 Wardancers: Champ. This is for when I need more chaff.

I'll take pics of the games for some battle reports and also try to remember to take notes during the "campaign" parts so I can record exactly how the Woodies came out on top.


  1. My Beastmen so don't want to see this . . . actually I'm not sure what they do want to see


    1. Hmmmm well with sufficent bribery I am open to an "unholy alliance" for the sake of the forests...