Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Relic of an old army finally painted

Hi all,

So back in days before I had my High Elf army I was on the look out for a 3rd army-mainly because I ran out of things to paint. 8th ed had JUST been released and I was obsessed by horde formation (still am-go horde or go home!) and the type of model that in my eyes did horde "best" was the monsterous infantry.

A quick Trademe bid later (NZ's Ebay for any international readers) and I picked up an Ogre army very cheap (well, not as cheap as from the UK-but that was back when I was all innocent and stuff). Then I found out that I didnt really enjoy the playstyle...good thing the new book made them ZOMG good and I managed to flick 90% of it off for a decent price.

However I was left with 2 scraplaunchers (that shall forever stay in their state of kinda assembled pile of stuff I never want to think about), Lots of gnoblars (all painted), the Ninja man eater I refuse to sell (Best. Model. Eva), and 2 gorgers. The gorgers sat on my shelf undercoated, and the Ninja maneater is up there too in display mode.

Come this weekend and I have been invited to a campaign weekend at Petes. Will (Ogre player) has decided to run the Slaughtermaster who makes gorgers better. He's borrowing 2 off Pete, and I offered to paint up one of my gorgers for him because a) I'm nice like that, b) the gorger model is one of my favourites, and c) I've been looking for an excuse to paint one of them up.

The Result, I introduce Scraggy the misunderstood Gorger:

3 layers for the skin (Feneris Grey base, shadow grey/dheneb stone mix mid tone, dheneb stone top). Basing is exactly the same scheme as my woodies. GW green flock and the snow is baking Soda + galeforce9 "snow" stuff to give it texture + PVA glue. I've even chucked on a base resin thing (broken shield in some rubble) from the GW basing kit I bought ages ago for the leaves.

Hopefully this "gift" will cement the Ogre Woodie alliance in the up coming campaign...a close examination will even show that Scraggy is wearing a friendship bracelet.

I'll post up my Campaign list on Friday (to stop people - Looking at you James Millington :P - from do too much anti-Joel list tailoring), and then next week will come the glorious report of how the woodies smashed face and humiliated all the bad guys...except the Ogres whom were were allied with...


  1. Joel, it looks great. Thanks for being awesome. Looking forward to seeing if gorgers can be any good....


  2. Nice Joel, looks fabbo. I played against locky with gorgers, I think they can work really well.

  3. Unfortunately the forger succumbed to Nurgle over the weekend. Not the god of decay but my ginger cat. He apparently took a dislike to it during one of Wil's games.

    Sorry Joel