Monday, 4 March 2013

Foray into Fluff...

Hi All,

Now I had to google the meaning of "foray" to see if it was the correct one to use.

A sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, esp. to obtain something; a raid: "the garrison made a foray against Richard's camp".

And yes, it is the right word. Anyone who knows me (or has at any point struck up a convo about warhammer with me) will know that my knowledge of the fluff of stuff is rather close to nothing. My knowledge of Empire fluff (favourite army) is that it is some rip off of High Medieval Germany + a wee bit of steam punk. There was this dude called Sigmar who had a hammer, and I assume killed lots of stuff. There are also things called "provinces" that "true" Empire players will align their armylists to. Me? I painted my army the way it is cos I liked the colours and the idea of crap troops winning against the odds in a fantasy world etc.

So when I attempt to write a "fluffy" list I am not necessarily aiming for a list that meets the "fluff", but instead I write a list that I can see a story behind.

Fast forward to this coming Sunday where Will has (kindly) let all us nerds invade his house for a bit of 1200pt goodness. So instead of digging out my Vermintide winning Empire list (ie my stripped down 2400 list) I instead thought I would try out the alternative list I wrote for my High Elves.

What got me into the High Elves in the first place was that I saw a cool Ancient Greek streak in the models. However, when I started writing lists I started to see what my (very limited) understanding of Dark Ages Northern European warband might look like + dragons. This was very influenced by a flatmate during my time at Uni taking a paper in "old english" and me learning (though endless vocab testing) that back then they a) loved their mead, b) had too many different ways of saying "spearmen", and c) whole battles were won by a single archer holding off some dudes on a tidal causeway.

So I present to you my 1200pt list....WITH FLUFF

Noble: Dragon Armour, Great Weapon, Radiant Gem of Hoeth (Death)
An aging Chieftain whose words can speak death on this foes.
Noble BSB: Armour of Caledor, luckstone, Great Weapon 148
The prized champion fighter, worthy to carry the banner of the land
10 Archers: Musician 115
Huntsmen of the moor
19 Spear Elves: Musician, Standard Bearer 186
The spear-elves of the Mead Hall
20 Whitelions: Full Command-Amulet of Light 345
The Chieftain's bodyguard who form the Axewall with axes so sharp they can kill the undead.
5 Dragon Princes: Musician 160
Scouts of the boarderland
2 Eagles 100
Trained griffons that come down from the mountains in times of need

And the crappy pics of the warband!

...And now to smash face on Sunday and do deeds that the poets shall sing about down the ages and all that.


  1. nice. i remember you telling me on the red eye bus back from ak that time that youd never read the fluff from your army books, and i always thought it was just a crazy no sleep dream lol

    1. I've started reading the fluff sections but they feel written by bad b grade fantasty authors...better than I could do, but it doesn't really grip me.

  2. Pretty solid looking list for 1200pts nice

    1. Thanks. I rather like 1200pt games. It really forces you to take what is actually really important and in some ways creates more fluffy 8 Demigryph/horde of halberd army as an exception :P

  3. Congrats on your experiment with background fluff. You have taken your first steps into a larger universe. The background along with painting the models is what differentiates the game from chess pieces.

    1. LIES! What seperates our hobby from Chess is that warhammer has yet to have a musical written about it by the dudes from ABBA.

    2. so you know about musicals but not about the warhammer game universe. For shame turn in your man card immediately.

  4. Axes so sharp they can kill the undead...? Not pointing that at anyone in particular are you?

    Nice work on the force I have no idea what to take at this stage.

    1. Not tailoring to take out your army persay...just still a little sore from when your 10 hexwraith 1200pt list rolled my Empire!