Saturday, 11 January 2014

A wildman appears...

Hi All,

So the GW order arrived on Thursday = all spare time between then and now has been spent painting up my newest addition to Otto's grand army - an Amber Mage.

For a "fail cast" model there wasn't the usual internetz problems with it. As far as I could see there were no gaps or missing parts. I am a wee bit suspicious of the indents on the antlers, but they seemed too well placed to be accidental - so I left them alone + they add to the antler "look". My one frustration was a mould line through his hair that is nigh impossible to get fully rid of due to the softness of the resin. Not at all obvious, but I know it's there!

I did a few different things on this guy to expand my painting. An area where I have always struggled is painting bone. Comments (critical, tips, and praise!) are welcome here. Mournfang brown base, bleached bone, (ogren fleshwash on the antlers), then bleached bone + white highlights. The base of the antlers were then "washed" with watered down mournfang brown + degrees of bleached bone to get the darkening effect.

I did his purple cloth thing a wee bit different too. To get a more weathered look (Amber mage is a wildman of the woods after all!) I highlighted with Demonette Hide before giving it an Agrax Earthshade wash to dirty it up.

Also no blacks in the eyes on purpose as I assume his is chanting something/convening with the Spirits etc etc

Any who that's all for now. Alith Anar (Elven Batman) is under-coated and ready for some paint and I have a couple of classic Empire/Mordheim metals under-way that might make it into the Ruination army...


  1. so Joel, do you have enough models for him when he hulks out into a mountain chimera or other grobbly?

    the bone looks nive, definately needs the broen spots on the larger antlers, the photos make the bone, skin and pants all look a bit the same and he looks far too clean for someone that lives in a cave.

    1. Yeah they are not the best pics - I've had to use my ipad recently because the other half thought it would be a great idea to switch the camera to take pics in a very high def format that needs photoshop to open and convert to .jpg. Better for her work, not so good for my blog. /rant

      I don't yet have a mountain chimera (on the "to buy" list), so I'm borrowing one for Ruination.

      re: dirtyness - I'm assuming that Otto has forced him into clothes - real wildmen of the woods run round naked given all the transforming they do...