Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Let the Ruination begin...


With the list submission deadline passed I can now safely post my list for Ruination 2014. You can find it here...just kidding I couldn't bring myself to submit the Nuln fluff list. Though I worked it out and I was only short 1 Rocket Battery...could have easily swapped that out for something me thinks! Later this year I think I'll rock out that list in a fluff game "The siege of Nuln"

Anywho here's my list:

"Joel's fluffy Empire list that's so fluffy my cat sleeps on it"
Karl Franz: Barded Steed, Ghul Maraz
Arch Lector "Otto": Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, 4+ ward, Dragonhelm
Amber Mage lvl4
Light Mage lvl4

Engineer: Light Armour
BSB: Barded Steed, Full Plate Armour, Shield, Other Trickster's Shard, Dawnstone
Warrior Priest: Additional Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour

13 Inner Circle Knights: Full Command - Steel Standard
30 Swordsmen: Full Command
42 Halberds: Full Command
8 Archer Detachment
5 Archer Detachment

4 Demigryph Knights: Musician, Standard - Banner of Eternal Flame
38 Great Swords: Full Command
5 Reiksguard Knights: Musican, Standard Bearer
5 Reiksguard Knights: Musican, Standard Bearer

Steam Tank
Helblaster Volley Gun

Karl and da boyz out to ruin someone's hobby 1 special character at a time...
The Reiksguard Knights that look suspiciously like my vanilla knights but with a standard bearer...

Fluff points: 
Karl Franz list with Reiksguard knights
Some characters with no magical items
Light Armour on the Engineer
Swordsmen not just as a mage bunker
Only 1 Steam tank
Only 1 unit of Demigryphs
More than minimum core (1003pts)
No light council
Fortitude of 10
It's not the list I wanted to use in the first place :P

So there you all are. Have Fun getting Ghul Maraz'ed to the face among other things :D I don't look forward to the 300 skink list that someone may have had the smarts to submit...can't trust lizardmen playing TO's to have an unbiased eye :P

Now I just have to hope my GW order arrives so I can get the failcast Amber mage painted up in time...otherwise I may have to "proxy" a wizard from another order of magic...shudder.


  1. I have an Engineer with no magic items. Fluff trumped

  2. Oh snap, those Swordsmen Joel, such a hobby hero:D!

    1. I try, I try; being a hobby hero is a burden I bear

  3. 1003 points of Core? You've clearly gone above and beyond the call of duty

    1. The sacrifices I made to uphold the fluff of this list were innumerable.

  4. What could be more fluffy than big blocks of Chicken Knights - more chickens I say