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RUINATION write up

Hey hey hey,

4000pts of Warhammer goodness x4 over 2 days = a weekend well spent wargaming. My list was reasonably random and can be read here.


GAME ONE vs Hagen Lizards

Lots of skinks, not many monsters and plenty of annoying stuff to get to my back line...
yup...annoying stuff in my back line. So what to do? Charge Great Swords into Carnasaur.
And make all the skinks flee
Oh yeah and get off silly long range stank charge (casually)
and charge mage bunkers into terradons
and blast apart the closest one

Well no. Thankfully the other unit of terradons failed their charge, but my Reiksguard knights who were clearing out a flank found themselves in a spot of bother + a scarvet thought he would pin the Demis
And of course the Carnasaur guy has a 1+ armour, 4+ ward, charmed shield, and stubborn crown. Knights charge in to support the stank
In return? Nothing too major...
But the saurus run! (and so do the halberds and the demis die a horrible death...Krox are BROKEN)
Though this does free up the stank to squish the old blood.
well almost. 1 billion impact hits did 1 wound, so the Great Swords finished him off like a boss, while Karl Franz and the boyz go pick on skinks.

We run out of time after 4 turns so we call it. Result: 15-5 win!

GAME 2 vs Ray's Dark Elves

Nothing too scary in this list...only Morathi and Hellebron in horde of witch elves + a hag BSB on a cauldron + horde of Executioners with frenzy hag + other stuff.

So none of this "dance around getting good set ups" nonsense. The bus of death marches forward into my well set trap...
While everything else moves to pick on Karl Franz
Except a unit of spears who were stuck in a stand off with stubborn knights and some black guard who thought it would be fun to pick on my swordsmen in the building.
So Hellebron and co fall into my well set trap!
The 2 knights are there to remind us that the Amber Mage transformed into a Mountain Chimera! 9 wounds from Hellebron later and 1 billion poison s3 from the witches meant the Mountain Chimera didnt get to wreak fact none of my stuff did :(
Karl Franz threw caution to the wind and charged into the Executioners. Max overkill on the unit champ and a dead hag later Karl Franz and his bus won the combat by 1. Executioners roll an 11, break and are run down!
Morathi spent most of the game fleeing. Here she is trying to swing the combat vs Reiksguard knights...nope fleeing again.
Stank dies to Hellebron, Halberds and Demis rally (demis lose a model to dangerous terrain...3 1's rolled grr)
Hellebron charges into the halberds again to finish them off, however she was not counting on 3 super halberds all hitting, all wounding, and then failing all her saves! In other news the Great Swords make it across to the spears to wreck face.
Top of turn 6 I was winning the game...just. All that stood between a win and defeat was 1 demi and the Inner Circle knight standard bearer...
Stupid broken Medusas and warlocks! Bottom turn 6 the game swings from 11-9 win to a 8-12 loss. Good close game. My cannons failed to destroy the cauldron, but they did pick up a scourge runner and the hydra, so I guess they got some stuff - just not the important thing!

GAME 3 vs Jeff's OnG

Right day 2 and I draw Green Dwarfs. OR Jeff was looking for tournament points and I was a good match up for him :P
 We deploy, I get first turn and both cannons explode, stank takes 3 wounds from misfire and engineered helblaster + repeater pistol from stank cannot kill 5 wolf riders... in reply I get a chariot charging the hellblaster and a health dose of foot of gork.
I'm surrounded so I do what can only be done...move some stuff forward to give myself some space and hopefully draw some of the castle out for some combat (HA!)
Meanwhile Karl Franz is embarking on his epic swing to the centre around the flank picking up the easy points. Stank takes 2 fanatics for another 4 wounds...
THE SWING TO THE CENTRE WORKS...just gotta use the stank as the "bait"
...and then mangler goes through it (the other one got clipped by his wolf rider "bus" completing a charge)
And a few more of these guys doing what they do best
And my last ditch desperate ploy to get some points hinged on a 6 dice Mountain chimera...
...nope. But I did get wildform off!

So once again armour vs Green Dwarf = Green Dwarf wins 5-15. Well played and as much fun as getting artilleried/manglered/fanaticed/trolled/and footed can be :P

GAME 4 vs James' WoC

Righty - Archaon and Throgg have teamed up to smash face!

None of this deployment nonsense lets get right into it. Stank into Dragon Ogres
and shoot at SkullCrushers
I draw the knights + BSB into the Timewarped demis...
SHould be an easy hold and smash with stank...unless the demis fluff everything,break and run...
...OR I can anchor them on the swordsmen behind...yeah that works too. Gotta love my Chaff demis. Meanwhile in "competent combat unit" land my Halberds flank some Khorne warriors while their screen throw themselves at Throgg.

Mountain Chimera FTW and I get the overrun into a demonic mounted Exalted Hero + I've found a good use for my Demis - Proxying Mountain Chimeras!
Meanwhile the chaff move to set up the Monster smash has exposed Karl Franz to a longish range charge to the flank (totally forgot about reform when moving Karl)
Karl is Caught and wiffs his attacks thanks to regen
And breaks from combat and escapes! However the Steel Standard works against them and due to a re-rolling 1 he flees 11 (not the 7 I wanted) and is off the board along with the BSB. Who needs them anyway? Meanwhile the stank/swords/knights combat has been joined by an exalted on a disc.
And then the warshrine joins in too (why not)
AND then once the swordsmen "depart" some Reiksguard knights replace them
Killing the warshrine and the Stank finally by the end of the game grinds out the knights and the BSB. Meanwhile some Marauders hop out of the building to stop the Great Swords getting to Throgg (nope - blending time!)
 And the Mountain Chimera and co get to Archaon and his posse. All those dice represent how pimped out the unit champ is!
The unit champ takes Archaon to the face (kinky) while the Halberds (oh yeah, and Mountain Chimera) go Nato on the unit
Snakes eyes needed and Archaon, the Lord of the Chaos wastes, the greatest threat the Empire has ever known is run down by some puny Halberds...and to top it off the Great Swords get into Throgg
5+ ward, re-roll to hit, re-roll to wound (flaming attacks dispelled) = only 1 troll left standing and is run down to finish the game off. 

Result: 15-5 win to the Empire. Karl Franz, bus and BSB running off was a huge loss (like 1000pts kinda loss) so good to be able to pull the points back thanks to a certain Mountain Chimera! I might actually have to get the model now in celebration!

Sum up
Overall I came in the middle. Though being a fun event it doesnt really matter where you come (unless you win of course!). 

Ruination was a fantastic event. It has inspired me to play more "big" games. I especially loved the complexity of not always having BSB/General bubble where you need it. With so many units on a big table = you cannot engineer the single important combat you can at 2400pts.

Unit of the Event: Great Swords - as usual when I take them. Never died, never lost a combat, a solid 2nd hit unit to have in reserve. 
MVP: Amber Mage is clear winner here. Karl Franz in close second, but ultimately let down by fluffing vs Throgg.

Tomorrow I have a game vs Alex - Demons on Dragon Heavy High Elves. I'll take some pics for a report.

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