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How to lose a game - follow these easy steps!

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Wow - battle report spam! Next post will be a painting update I promise! Heaps to post.

Anywho 4000pts of goodness again. This time on a 6x4 table (the biggest we could get).

My list:
Prince on Stardragon: HA, sh, 4+ ward, Ogre Blade, Other Trickster's Shard
lvl4: Lore of Heavens, Book of Hoeth
BSB: Bsteed, HA, sh, lance, Opal Amulet
Noble: Bsteed, HA, sh, lance
Noble on ASF devastating charge Griffon: Sword of Might, Dawnston, ch. sh, DA,
Noble on ASF devastating charge Griffon: Starlance, Golden Crown, Dhelm, HA, sh, lioncloak
13 Silverhelms: FC (shields)
2x5 Reavors
22 Archers: M, SB
30 Spears: FC
25 Swordmasters: FC - BOWD
4x1 RBT

So 5 flying monsters of death!

Slaanesh lvl4: steed, scroll 2+as
Unkillable BSB on disk
20 Slaanesh Warriors: FC - halberds
3x5 vanguard doggies
3x1 Slaanesh chariots
9 hellstriders: FC
8 Trolls
Chimera (breath, regen)
2x1 Hellcannon
4 Skullcrushers: FC

We deploy:

Now, this first point is really crucial - make sure you fail to go first even with your +1. THis is particularly important as the Hellcannon needs to rolls a "hit" and take out a rank of your knight bus early on.
In return move your monsters up into offensive positions to draw in the charge. Your knight bus will need to fail a charge and stumble forward 9 inches as well. 22 short-range shots from the archers at the hellsteed "bus" are to only hit 8 times and the RBT's are to miss as well allowing the lvl4 the luxury of survival/escape.
Draw the charges in by fleeing with your Helmbus 1 inch less than you need to avoid being pushed off the table (rolled a 5 for flee...). Now that you've given up a heap of points draw the chariots into a frostie and take 2 wounds on the Stardragon from spirit leech.
Fail all your wardsaves and since you are taking leaderships on 3d6 make sure break and run having failing to do enough wounds/taking too many (given they are hitting on 4's, wounding on 6's...)
Oh yeah - and have a Hellcannon squash your Stardragon. Of course having also failed to roll a 6 to charge the swordmasters in the first turn...instead take a charge to the face
fluff all your attacks, break and run.

In your turn, clean up the chariots with the remaining monsters and IF Chain Lightning (taking a wound) and although it jumps 6 times do a collective 5 wounds to stuff. Survive the next turn (thank goodness) and then pounce for the kill.

30 Spears into to the flank of the trolls and 1 griffon and frostie in the front of Archoen's bunker, and a griffon in the flank. IF with the lvl4 and kill half your spears naturally
and dont forget to fail to do any wounds, loose the lvl4 (even with iceshard and curse of the midnight moon up) and win by a musician!

Smash face with the monsters - having locked Archoen in combat with a griffon and dropping him to s4 = not that scary!
But of course, of the 3 wounds that make it through to the Frostie, make sure to fail all your saves (no wards passed this game...).

Your opponent at this stage will commit more points to the combat (making it worth 1500+pts) and fail to add the skullcrushers (would have make contact with a griffon with 1 wound left) to keep the game interesting. At this stage your confidence will be very high because you know that there are enough warriors left for you to give yourself a big combat win.

Oh wait - 6 dice Choir later...

 Nope...Chuck Tesla.

And there you have it! you're prince is still alive in your only "combat" unit left (archers) who + the RBT's won you the right flank...shame about the left and middle! Given the Crushers had a great line to run down the archers we called the game.

A crazy game where dice deserted me in all the wrong ways. Ryan said he didn't win the army lost it!

I didn't think the shorter table would have made much of a difference given that at Ruination the games all ended up playing like it was 6x4 anyway. HOWEVER, the extra 2 feet of length meant deployment was more than just simply lining the units up. This cramping of the battleline gave the WoC in this game a huge advantage because there were no gaps in their line for me to exploit.

So there you have it.

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  1. A very interesting read. Cannot wait to paint my army and play it.