Thursday, 30 January 2014

High Elf painting update

Yo yo yo 

Slow progress is slow. With all the gaming (and gardening) I havn't had much chance to paint. 

However in saying that I have finished a few things:

Alith Anar

Of the special characters, this guy is my favourite. Cool fluff, fun rules and a completely useless cool looking sword. This guy is also the first finished metal model in my High Elf force.

Old Dragon Princes
Eagle Eyed observers of the last couple of battle reports will have spotted these guys in various states of unfinished. I have finally finished the front rank! These guys will be used as Silverhelms if running a bus - which I have been recently. 

Anywho that's all that's finished so far. There's still more on the way...I just have to get around to basing it and other boring things like that. I'm picking up my Salamander Forgeworld stuff on Saturday, so I can start devoting some time to getting them assembled. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice work.. looking ready for some more 4000pt games?

    If you like you could model a giant hellcannon shell hovering in the air in front of the silverhelms....