Thursday, 2 January 2014

Summer Holiday gaming part 1 "1 in 36 chance means 3 times in a game right?"

Hi All,

With the "family time" out the way I can get cracking into getting as much Warhammer played as I can before work starts up again.

The "1 in 36 chance"
Tonight I had a game vs Alex (first time appearing on the blog = everyone say hi) who has started to show interest in Warhammer after getting bored with the old DoC book...someone who loved smashing face, but not with 90 bloodletters.

This was also the 2nd game of his return (not including Vermintide appearence in 2012 where he did very well with a Woodie list I wrote for him) - the first was using my Empire army where he got very unceremoniously pulled apart by Ryan's Slaaneshy WoC in the usual kinky Slaanesh way ("6 dice Choir").

Anywho he has an obsession with MSU lists, which is cool as it mixes up the types of armies that get played. This was also my first "home turf" game in 8-10 months, so it was weird using  my own terrain! He turned up with:

Tzeench lvl1: metal (general)
4x10 Horrors: FC
3 Bloodcrushers: SB-flame banner
5 Seekers
2x5 nurgle furies
slaanesh chariot
5 ambushing hounds
2x1 beast of nurgle
4 Beasts of nurgle
2 Skillcannons
Tzeench burning chariot
3 Plague Drones: SB

So a very MSU list!

I decided to try out the much talked about (I think) Swedish High Elf ETC 2013 list:

Loremaster of Hoeth: Earthing Rod, Sword of Anti-Heroes, Shield of Merwyrm
Archmage: Level 4, Light, BoHoeth, ICI
Mage: Level 1, Light,
Lothern Seahelm: BSB,  Standard of Discipline
10 Archers: Musician
23 Archers: Musician, Standard
3x 5  Reavers
28 White Lions: FC, Banner of World Dragon
1 Frostheart Phoenix
2x 1 Great Eagle
3x RBT

It's a list I very much like the look of...but it is essentially "avoid combat and ldship10 death snipe and s6 banishment stuff + enough shooting to hopefully do something as well" So "fun" to use once in a wee while, but I would get very bored using it all the time!

We deployed, Alex got the first turn and rolled a snake eyes magic phase.

Leadership tests later...
2 units of Furies, Plague Drones (double 6) and Tzeench Burning Chariot (double 6) + token Horror = awesome
+ some very valuable wounds on the beasts! Though pretty much everything else rolled a perfect 7 for their leadership tests grrr. When I then burning gazed off the Slaanesh chariot he accused me of picking on the "best looking" models in his army...He then later on double sixed another break test (crushers vs Frostie) and also snake eyed a break test (skillcannon vs Archers with reavers in the flank regaining 1 wound).

Long story short - Alex's goal was to kill everything but the "bus". Thanks to the "bus" taking 3 attempts to charge the unit of 4 beasts (failed a 7 inch charge,  5 inch charge, and finally made an auto charge sigh) he ALMOST did this. Frostie was on 2 wounds left (blue fire + failed toughness test = 3 wounds grr), and the unit of 10 archers was down to 3. the other unit of archers JUST died end of t6. However it was still a comfortable victory to the High Elves...the waystones were protected and the threat of Chaos was held at bay for just a little bit longer.

Gotta love the randomness of Chaos!

Next up: Trip to Will's house to see what the fatties want! Might re-use the High Elf list, or rock up my Bolt thrower list of awesome...or even open up my Wood elf army case...


  1. A light council versus demons with only a level 1? Meanie. Sounds like some unfortunate instability rolls for Alex too. Look forward to hearing around the Ogre clash.

    1. Yeah a wee bit mean, but he did (almost) everything he intended to to. Some thinking after the game to change up his lists = drop the crushers. This gives points for another unit of seekers and gets the beasts unit up to 6. 6 beasts, 3 drones and 2 solo beasts is still crazy tough. Simply running the beasts at the BOWD block and tying it up all game is a really good move. With the ability to challenge the beasts will hold them up all day whilst the rest of the army has a field day. Not engaging the bus to tie it up early = more turns for the light council to do its thing. I was unlucky to fail the charge with them twice before getting to combat...but it did give me more pew pew time.

      Ignoring the 1st winds of magic roll he could have easily won the game with the above tactic as he had the volume of guys to set up the match ups and walk over everything else.

      Due to the weather = Woodies tonight as they are in a carry case!