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OMG Warpflame is Super Broken!

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History: back in 7th edition my friend Alex played demons in all their filthy glory. Sure he would argue that he went outside the norm by taking tzeentch heralds with loremaster beasts on chariots (for the magical charge + unit strength 5), but at the end of the day it was just filthy demons bullying my Woodies and Empire. Fast forward to the present and after a period of self exile Alex is back and rather energised by the new Demon book that as boring as it can be (nurgle yawn) it has some exiting elements to it...for me to seek revenge on...

His list: 
lvl2 Tzeentch herald: Metal
4x10 Horrors: M, SB
6 Beasts
2x1 Beast
2x1 Seeker Chariots
5 Seekers
2x5 Nurgle Furies
5 Ambushing Hounds
2x1 Skillcannon
3 Plague Drones: SB
Tzeentch Burning Chariot

My list:
Prince on Stardragon: Heavy Armour, Lioncloak, Charmed Shield, Golden Crown, Sword of Might, Other Tricksters Shard
Dragon Mage lvl2: Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Ring of Fury (or whatever it is now called)
BSB: Barded Steed, Heavy Armour, shield, lance, Banner of the World Dragon
14 Silverhelms: FC (shields)
2x5 Reavors
10 Archers: M, SB
Frostheart Phoenix
4x1 RBT
Eagle with Shredding Talons

An interesting matchup. MSU with nurgle anvil and chariots (heck even Slaanesh stuff!) vs monstermash High Elves with the banner of broken. Alex rolled up Gateway, Final Transmutation, and lots of blue fire.

We rolled up Meeting Engagement. Alex deployed first (1 skillcannon off board). I ended up with 1 RBT and the Dragon Mage off the board.
Alex kindly points out the source of his frustration (and my stubborn dragons) 
Yup unpainted minis - I have only JUST started painting up the Silverhelms (ie the old metal Dragon Princes) and Alex is making good progress on his Demons - especially for someone who dislikes painting. Yellow with purple for nice vibrant colours - looking forward to seeing it completed.

The game started in it's own eventful way. Seeker chariot into some Reavors, Plague Drones into Frostie - Venom thickett granting one of the drones poison (oh joy!) Furies see to be there to stop my Silverhelms getting into the beasts and anchoring them on the seeker chariot for counter charge.
Frostie held the combat (boom!) and the burning chariot decided to flame template the Eagle. 1 wound followed by failed toughness test for another 3 wounds = poor eagle didnt even get to have a turn the big bully :( Reavors didn't fair that much better. The skillcannon that started off the board came on and exploded (sympathy = 0) and the other 1 did a single wound to the Stardragon and removed the charmed shield. Final Transmutation dispelled with a skilful double 6 roll.

In return the silverhelms rolled the furies and charged into the seeker chariot (that had taken a wound from a fireball). Stardragon went straight into the beasts and flaming sword was dispelled...however the ring of fury did take out the seekers. 25pts well spent! (though they did only have a 6+ ward) Frostie continued to be awesome and pick wounds. Stardragon took out a beast and won the combat. RBT's were their usual useless selves and picked wounds from the odd chariot.
So chariots: Nothing like picking on the weak?
Or the hounds of Khorne picking on the even weaker?
Or even worse using the super broken warpfire to kill my Dragonmage?
Yes, that is the mythical forest dragon model, and yes I have yet to pass a warpfire Toughness test...
All that was ok because in my turn 2 I did this:
HA! who needs magic?
(Stardragon and Beasts continue to duke it out. Stardragon slowly loosing wounds. I think the prince has died at this point)

The next unit of furies comes along to die (sent back to the warp?) for the greater good

And the bullies keep on bullying.

Now that my monsters are free from the drones they are hungry for more nurgle...or maybe a little full from the last snack and they both fail the charge to support the stardragon. The Silverhelms reform to wear a cannonshot down the flank and stop the lurking solo beast from getting a sneaky flank charge and ruining my plans.

Now the Horrors think it is finally safe to flank the stardragon...
...and the final 2 wounds fall. I really should have kept a tally of exactly how many poison attacks it took to kill mr Stardragon and Prince...but it would be over 50.

Oh well, 700ishvps down right there...time for dessert...Frozen Horrors, with a Beast flavoured night cap from the overrun.
Skillcannon down the flank does nothing to the Silverhelms...gotta love a 2+ ward.

In charge the Silverhelms to take out the solo beast. BSB stuck in challenge and the Beast survives on a single wound (who gave them 4 wounds each seriously?). In charge the support...
Lots of fluffed attacks and stuff...yeah. a snake eyes magic phase kills enough for the silverhelms to break free with static combat res...and wear an IF'ed final Transmutation. The beasts roll a snake eyed break test to get back 1 of the beasts that had been killed...but the cavalry finally rush in (bottom turn 6) to save the day with healthy amounts of Static Combat Res!
End Result:  All I had left alive was the BSB, silverhelms, Sun Dragon and Frostie, but it was enough to win the game comfortably. My back line was (once again) ruthlessly exposed by Alex's list and my Chaff were simply free points since I had control of the board thanks to the flying monsters.

The list: VERY fun to play. It felt a little small and I know it would suck at the Watch Tower mission and have some very nervous Blood and Glory games, but that shouldn't detract from the fact that it is a flying (stubborn) monster list of cool.

Next game I have promised to not that the Banner of the World Dragon...I wonder if I can successfully work lvl4 on High Magic + Annointed in a big unit of Swordmasters...

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